Why Not Bistro

Why Not which was open on the 25th of October 2016 we spice up your day meantime you do not have to feel embarrassed since we do not have a dress code. Indubitably we enjoy if you show up here like you came for your first date or for your best friend’s birthday party. We have purse friendly prices and the serving from the colleagues of Why Not is friendly as usual. It is because for us this is not only a job but a profession we love to do so giving a smile while serving is not problem ( in fact !) we love to smile and talk nicely! Our air conditioned restaurant which has not just eclectic but also Mediterranean elements is exactly the same size where even if it is full you would not feel as you are in a market place. We always pay attention on the lights so it will be always excellent for a date, a little chat with friends or for a work meeting. Why Not Bistro is suitable for private events, surprise birthday parties, banquets, corporation parties and from time to time we do organize events for our customers as well. Oh By the way have we mentioned the irresistible view of the Gellért Hill you can enjoy?

Our heart is here already, we hope yours will be here too.

The website of the safe place: https://www.whynotbistro.hu/en/


Belgrád rakpart 18.
1056 Budapest, V.