We Say No To Prime Minister’s Narrow Definition of Family!

We condemn that Hungary's Fundamental Law and Viktor Orbán’s own preferences limit the definition of family discriminatively. We strongly believe that a family is defined by its members who consider themselves as belonging to that family. Marriage is a legal bond that needs to be made accessible to all adults of the same sex or of different sexes who choose to enter that bond out of their own free will.

Budapest Pride 365. With our motto this year, we would like to raise awareness to the fact that LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) people are present in all walks of life not just on the day of the Budapest Pride March but on every single day of the year. They form families even if they are invisible because they have to hide and live a closeted life due to the current legal and social environment in Hungary. Despite legal barriers and having to hide because of fear, LGBTQ people live with their families every day of the year: with their partners, their parents, their children, their friends or in any other form. It is in the interest of hundreds of thousands of people, of their families, colleagues and of society as a whole that everyone in Hungary should have the opportunity to live without fear.

The words Viktor Orbán said in Berlin today are those of a discriminating politician. For him, it is more important to discriminate against certain people than to consider the well-being and happiness of these families. At the same time, the prime minister's words reinforce the message of this year's Budapest Pride. Family is one of the most important parts of our everyday life and neither the opinion nor the statements of politicians, nor even legal barriers are able to deprive anyone of that! It remains ours throughout 365 days of the year!

This year, the Budapest Pride March will be held on July 5. Come and join us if you agree that  we should not let politicians' statements define our families!

Ne a miniszterelnök határozza meg, hogy mi a család és mi nem!