The first ruinbar in Budapest in the middle of the city

Under 14. Kazinczy Street, there is the most famous ruinbar in Budapest: Szimpla Kert. Here you will find an uncomparable atmosphere, fine food and drinks, cultural events like movie projections, live music concerts every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, a free jam session on Sundays, farmers’ market on Sunday mornings and many more. Szimpla Kert welcomes you all day with breakfast, lunch and dinner offers, beautiful garden, interesting objects and people. It’s always full of life, especially in the evening, when it turns into an international meeting point.

Szimpla Kert bar is also a civic base. Apart from providing a space for NGOs to represent themselves and collect donations every week, we are also active in the civic life. In this area we focus on two themes: one of them is the active shaping of our streets, our neighbourhood and district, making them more people-oriented, turning Kazinczy Street into a pedestrian street, promoting more rational urban planning principles in our neighbourhoods, promoting green trends and constantly increasing sustainability. The other, due to the composition of our audience, is youth activities.

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Kazinczy utca 14.
1075 Budapest, VII.