Donate to Budapest Pride!

Donate to Pride
Donate to Pride
We need YOUR HELP to make Budapest Pride happen every year. Whether you can give 1000 HUF or 10,000 HUF, your contributions go a long way! With 30,000 HUF for example, we can feature a new art exhibition, and with 300,000 HUF the march and picnic will be even better, with more live concerts. If the Budapest Pride Festival is important to you, please consider supporting the movement with more than your particiption — you can support us with only the cost of a movie ticket! The festival offers countless free cultural programs in exchange for a freer world. Every contribution goes a long way. Thank you for your support!

Rainbow Mission Foundation's bank account number:

OTP Nyrt. 11713005-20375733
Bank name: OTP Bank Nyrt.
IBAN: HU31117130052037573300000000

You can also donate using the PayPal icon on the right.