When My Body is Foreign

exhibition opening
2020. August 16. 19:00

Being locked in our bodies is a common theme in all our lives, even if we don’t realize it. How this may affect our lives is a multi-unknown equation. Multiplied with the random factor.

Whatever happens, getting out of this is impossible. Therefore, if the equation comes out wrong for us, we get an ever-present overwhelming frustration for an inexorable companion

Davide di Votti explores this incident in his installation. Disharmony of body and soul. He's trying to grasp the inescapability of this depressing feeling and to absolve it somewhat.

It aims at making it as liveable as possible for viewers. By embracing a community that seeks to reassure those in a similar situation, and perhaps by reaching out to those in other situations convincing them not to judge so easily and to see how it is quite a burden on those involved even without their judgments.

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Attention! The venue is not wheelchair-accesible.

Free entry.

Organizer: Kavics is a small underground gallery in a studio in Buda with installative and environment works in focus. It has been a love letter to independent culture since 2018.


Lágymányosi utca 20.
1111 Budapest