Ups and downs – Rollercoaster of Short Films

Szexuális alapismeretek
A ketrecen túl
Matías és Jerónimo
Bálint Ház
2016. January 21. 17:00

Films that evoke intense feelings about loneliness, happiness, societal questions, friendship and understanding. After the 8 films there will be a discussion with the director of Barely in love (Lee’hov Bekoshi), Nadav Mishali.

2015 Australia, 6’
D: Kate Lefoe
C: Jeni Bezuidenhout, Juliet Hindmarsh

A romantic day trip tests the relationship of two young lovers. The director, Kate Lefoe is currently studying her Masters of Film and Television at the Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

2013, Netherlands, 14’
D: Lazlo & Dylan Tonk
C: Joel Mellenberg, Josha Stradowski

High school track athlete David is torn when he discovers his best friend is gay. Homosexuality is not tolerated among their friends. Will David choose his reputation over friendship?

Matías and Jerónimo
2015 Argentina, 9’
D: Papu Curotto
C: Rodrigo Coutinho Da Silva, Gabriel Rost

Matías and Jerónimo know each other since they were just kids. Their friendship is a mix of fun and desire, but everything changes the night they go to the carnival. They see how a group of hooligans beat a gay guy behind the scene. The event becomes a secret and the secret becomes in distance.

2015 UK, 16’
D: Jake Graf
C: Jake Graf, Olivia James

Trevor’s life has become a void, following the passing of his wife and long term companion, Doris. Days run into weeks, as Trevor slowly finds himself isolated and alone, and unconcernedly slipping towards death. A chance encounter in the park with a mysterious stranger equally troubled by his own dark past jarringly reawakens him, and forces both men to once again start to live.

Health Class
2014 Canada, 9’
D: Brad McDermott
C: Ryan Fisher, Michael Lake

Growing up gay, Trevor feels he has had a significant lack of sexual education, and so, he has brought his high school health teacher, Keith, back to class to ask him a few pressing questions. The lesson begins in a strange and surreal classroom where anatomical diagrams come to life, as both men receive a vivid re-education.

All Cats Are Pink In The Dark / La Nuit, tous les chats sont roses
2015 France, 20’
D: Guillaume Renusson

17-year-old Alice does not feel comfortable with her body. As she gets ready for an internship interview the next day, her mother makes her change her baggy clothes for a tight-fitting skirt suit. Alice can not take anymore and storms out of her house to get some air. That is when she meets Lola…

Girl Bunnies - Rocketship
2015 Canada, 8’
D: Francoise Doherty
C: Francoise Doherty, Octavie Doherty-Haigh

Two girl bunnies separated by outer space, meet on a block of ice, become romantically smitten and look for a way to cross the galaxy. It is a story of love and transitioning. Filmmaker-songwriter Françoise Doherty presents the 4th entrancing film from her world of queer bunnies.

Barely in Love / לאהוב בקושי (Lee'hov Bekoshi)
2014 Israel, 15’
D: Nadav Mishali
C: Yarin Dadush, Haim Segev

Amikor új csapatvezető kerül a „Bnai Akiva” fiú cserkész mozgalomhoz, Yotam világa meginog. A fiú rákényszerül, hogy megbirkózzon a szexuális orientációjával, és azokkal a nehézségekkel is kezdenie kell valamit, amikkel a családja és vallása miatt kell szembenéznie. Vallása tiltja a homoszexualitást, anyja pedig szeretné „meggyógyítani” őt.


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