RunForRights Budapest Pride

2020. August 16. 10:00 to 11:30

We believe that everyone should have equal rights in Hungary - but as of now this is far from reality. It doesn’t matter who you were born as, what matters is how you relate to the people and environment around you. Our goal is to form a more open and accepting community in a world where people are equal. Our core values are openness, diversity and equality. Running is what we love to do: it connects us, gives us strength and joy. That is why we have chosen running as a tool through which we raise awareness and draw attention to the need to consciously care for each other. We fight to create a more livable and free world for ourselves and future generations. Run with us for a better future and equal rights!

Join the facebook event here:

Barrier-free access to the venue.

Free participation.

Organiser: RunForRights - Soós Gábor Vince


1138. Budapest