Records Uncovered: LGBTQI+ documentary heritage in times of populist regimes

roundtable discussion
2021. July 01. 17:00

The online round table discussion "Records Uncovered: LGBT heritage in times of populist regimes" organized by Blinken OSA and the Hatter Archive and Library is part of our "Records Uncovered" project. The round table will bring together representatives of counter-archival and community based LGBTQI+ archival institutions from Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovenia who discuss the challenges they face in regard of preservation and exposition of LGBTQI+ heritage during the current political regimes in their countries, specifically elaborating on their strategies to cope with populist policies and media attacks. A correspondent to these archives on the round table will be member of IHLIA Amsterdam, an archive containing valuable holdings on LGBTQI+ documents from Central and Southeastern Europe before the 2000s. During our collaboration with these archives for the "Records Uncovered" exhibition all sides expressed their will in taking part within a broader platform and network of LGBTQI+ archives in Central and Southeastern Europe which can help address common issues we encounter in the preservation, acquisition and exposition of LGBTQI+ heritage, as well as help the circulation of material among the archives. We see this event as a starting point for establishing these links and presenting our agendas in the public.

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Blinken OSA is complex archival institution and one of the biggest cold war archives in the world.

Hatter Archive and Library is an LGBTQI+ archive from Hugnary.