Margitsziget (volt Holdudvar utáni első nagy rét)
2020. August 23. 14:00

We continue the tradition. As the closing of Pride, on the day after the march and rainbow party, we lay out to relax in the meadow in the shade of a stocky tree. Bring joy, humor, snacks, blankets, games, balls, pets, rainbow stuff, flags for decoration. Let’s talk, play and relax together.

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The location is not barrier-free, but wheelchair accessible.

Free participation

Introduction of organizer: Labrisz Lesbian Association was called into life by the stronger and stronger need for an initiative which, apart from providing social space, reflects on the social position of lesbian and bisexual women in a more organized form. It was officially registered in 1999 with 17 members, but the core group of the organization had been facilitating meetings and discussions since 1996.

It started with a photocopied, samizdat newsletter edited by a few lesbians, who later organized meetings for their readers. These regular monthly meetings became regular discussion evenings under the name “Labrisz Evenings”, which were held for 10 years, on various topics. Some of the regular visitors of the Labrisz Evenings founded the organization


1138. Budapest