Budapest Pride March 2018

2018. July 07. 14:00

What is your dream? Whom do you share it with? Would you work for it in unity? Let’s show on July 7th that we won’t give up no matter what obstacles we face. We believe in the power of the community, we believe that we can achieve our dreams.

Year by year we’re more visible, stronger and braver. Together we’ve made the Pride March a huge event. Years ago, the gigantic crowd, the one month-long festival and the free and cordon-free March seemed to be far away a dream. The participants, volunteers, March stewardess, donators and organizers dared to dream big and dared to make steps to make those dreams come true. Steps that might didn’t seem big on their own but were essential to be here today.

Many still can’t live their lives as who they are, they aren’t in the position to decide freely whether to come out, to share their true feelings, relationships and themselves with their environment. It is not only risky, but sometimes dangerous. They can try to make us believe that we’re not strong enough to fulfill our dreams, that we should be grateful for what we already have and not want more or anything better. Let’s show them that this is not true! We’re determined, brave, we’re a lot and we believe that if we stick together we’re able to bring change to the world surrounding us.

Let’s make the March about fulfilling our dreams. For the first time this year the one month-long Budapest Pride Festival’s events are organized by NGOs, informal groups and private persons in Budapest and several other cities in Hungary. Let’s share our dreams during Pride month and join forces to fulfill them. Let’s raise awareness and talk about topics we don’t talk about usually on a daily basis.

Join us and let’s show that being afraid is not an option. We deserve to love, decide, make mistakes freely without fear in order to be ourselves. Let’s dare to dream big because we can fulfill our dreams.

Let’s meet at Városliget (City Park) on July 7th, 2018 at 2:00 PM and march together to Kossuth tér. We will do everything, so you can join the March along the March route.

Joining the March:

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Join the March with your colleagues, friends, partner(s) and family.


Led by: Budapest Pride


1146. Budapest