We have launched our 6th Solidarity Fund fundraiser!

Ez a 28. Budapest Pride Felvonulás útvonala

Support the 6th fundraiser campaign of Budapest Pride, with which we collect for our Solidarity Fund. With the collected donations, we financially support the programs of LGBTQ organizations and initiatives in rural areas. In this year's campaign, the goal is to collect HUF 1,000,000, which is the largest sum of our Solidarity Fund fundraisers so far. We will distribute the collected amount in 2023 with the We share the power! tender to LGBTQ organizations and groups across the country.

Help rural activist communities to organize more LGBTQ programs in 2023 than ever before! Support the LGBTQ organizations and groups outside of Budapest, because freedom and love are needed not only in Budapest, but in the whole of Hungary!

Give to solidarity!

About the Solidarity Fund

Freedom, security, a happy and fearless life are not only the demands of LGBTQ people in the capital. The Rainbow Mission Foundation, which organizes Budapest Pride, organizes a fundraiser for the Solidarity Fund for the sixth year, with which it supports grassroots LGBTQ educational and community-building programs outside the capital. Like last year, the collected amount will be distributed among rural organizations and initiatives through a tender, so that they can join in 2023, the one-month long Budapest Pride Community Festival with their own event.

From the donations collected last year, the winning applicants organized programs in Debrecen, Miskolc, Pécs and Tatabánya. You will soon find a detailed report on the supported programs on our website. In 2022, the Diverse Youth Network organized Pécs Pride for the second time, with the financial and professional support of Budapest Pride. The youth and human rights organization operating in Pécs once again made the second Pride parade in Hungary, but the first among rural people, a success.

Your support is needed more and more every year!

Since 2020, LGBTQ people have been increasingly targeted by government hate propaganda and homophobic and transphobic legislation. Rural members of the LGBTQ community are in the most difficult situation, who often have to endure hate campaigns in isolation, without a supportive and accepting environment. Therefore, it is more important than ever to provide opportunities, resources and support for the more vulnerable members of our community, so that free and safe life, belonging to supportive communities, LGBTQ community programs and marching for our rights are not only the privilege of Budapest residents.

With your help, LGBTQ people living in the countryside can also access colorful, inclusive community-building programs that help them with self-awareness and self-acceptance, provide visibility to local communities, and strengthen relationships between organizations.

This year, we want to collect HUF 1,000,000 so that the country's LGBTQ communities can join the one month-long community festival next year after the successes so far.

Support the fundraising if you, as an LGBTQ person, relative or friend, also feel that the work of rural LGBTQ organizations is needed!

Itt a 28. Budapest Pride Felvonulás útvonala