The House Rules of the 27th Budapest Pride Parade

The priority of the Budapest Pride organisers is to ensure an environment that is safe and entertaining for everyone. The parade is one of the most open, inclusive events in the country, where everyone can be themselves, in safety and in a relaxed environment. For this we, however, also need your active cooperation.

It's important that we respect each other, listen to requests of the organisers, follow instructions and, of course, respect the House Rules of the Budapest Pride.  Please be aware that organisers and crew  members may refuse entry to the event or exclude a participant at any time of the parade if they consider this person to obstruct the aim of the event or its peaceful conduct. The decisions about entry and participation are taken solely by organisers and crew members and do not need to be justified at the event nor afterwards.

We have attached the complete House Rules of the event - be sure to download and read them and comply with them. Below we have also prepared a short summary for you, which contains the most important information and rules:

  • hydration will be very important on the day of the parade, but you may ONLY bring liquids in plastic or metal bottles - no glass bottles are allowed
  • anyone trying to enter carrying hateful, inflammatory, discriminatory sign / flag against any social group, or displaying such rhoteric, or wearing such tatoos or clothing, is asked to stay home - these will not be allowed when participating in the parade
  • the same applies to those who express hostility towards participants, the purposes of Budapest Pride or crew members
  • it is not allowed to enter Budapest Pride Parade with banners, posters or leaflets with messages that do not align with intended purposes of the Parade, any related decision falls under the responsibility of crew members
  • please leave your knives and cutting tools, ninja collections, baseball equipments and swords at home
  • no liquids other than drinks, medicine and sunscreen, especially caustic or strong smelling liquids, paints, etc. are allowed in the event area
  • nor are alcoholic beverages in an unopened state, raw foodstuffs presumably not intended for human consumption (tomatoes, eggs, etc.) allowed at the parade
  • if you want to participate in the event, please do not be under the influence of mind-altering drugs or attempt to participate with your genitals being visible
  • your dog or pet can come, but please make sure they are hydrated and on a leash. Please don’t forget that over ten thousand marchers will be participating, along with loud music and noise. If you know that crowds, loud noise or hot concrete makes them fearful, you may want to consider getting a dog sitter for the time of the parade.
  • riding bikes is not allowed in the event area, which means you have to get off and push your bicycle. Also, skates and skateboards and electric scooters are only allowed without endangering the safety of other participants - crew members may oblige you to march without them 
  • you are obliged to show your bag to entry staff and to take sip test of the drinks you are carrying, if asked to do so
  • you are not allowed to attend the event with your face covered (except covid-mask) and/or in military clothing
  • do not stop at any of the entry points or obstruct traffic unless requested to do so by crew members
  • the event is subject to the restrictions of the Act on Assembly to ensure the peaceful nature of the assembly

It is important to note that, as with all events covered by the Assembly Act, anyone, including journalists, police officers, crew members or participants, may take pictures or record audio of anyone in the event area without further permission needed.

Watch out for organisers, each other, respect the boundaries of other marchers, this is how we can make the 27th Budapest Pride beautiful and memoreable! Hand in hand, let's take back our future!