The 26th Budapest Pride March's rules of the house

Anyone who agrees with the aims and values of Budapest Pride are free to join the Pride March. Participants shall act peacefully and in a non-violent manner during the March.

We ask you not to give in to provocateurs and counter-demonstrators. Should you discover them in the March, please let a staff member know immediately.

The organisers of the March will wear a tag, while other staff members will wear a visibility vest and a tag. In line with the provisions of the Act of Assemly (Act LV of 2018) they, together with the Police, are in charge of the safety and security of the March. You will always have to follow their instructions. Those refusing to do so will be expelled from the March.

The organisers and staff members can, at any point refuse entry to or expel from the March anyone who is found to be acting against the values and the aim of the March or threatens its peaceful conduct, especially if they

  • want to bring banners or flags displaying hateful, incendiary or discriminatory messages against a population group, chant such messages or display them as tattoos or on their clothes
  • refuse to allow staff members to examine the content of their bags or refuse totake a sip from the liquid they want to take in
  • want to take a forbidden object with themselves (see below)
  • want to take part in the March with a dog or other animal without a muzzle anda leash, or want to take part with an animal which reacts aggressively to a big crowd and loud noise
  • act aggressively (verbally or physically) with the participants, organisers or staff members or in relation to the aims and values of Budapest Pride
  • want to participate with their face covered
  • want to participate in military clothing
  • attempt to display their private parts on the March
  • had earlier publicly demonstrated a discriminatory attitude towards a person orgroup of people belonging to vulnerable population group as defined by Section 8 of the Act on Equal Treatment (Act CXXV of 2003), or had spoken ina manner which violates the human dignity of such people or group of people
  • are under the influence of drugs or are drunk.

The decision on refusal of entry or expulsion from the March can only be taken by theorganisers or staff members, who do not have to give reasons for their decision.

You cannot bring

  • weapons, such as a pocket knife longer than 8 cms, knife, gaz spray, baseball bat, whip, firearm, sword, decorative sword or any other object which the organisers and staff members deem to be possible to use as a weapon
  • explosives and other pyrotechnical products
  • any liquid other than drinks, medicine or sunscreen, especially acidic liquids or those with an intense smell, including paint
  • glass (including drinks in glass, you may only bring in your liquid in paper or plastic bottles)
  • alcoholic drinks which had been opened
  • raw food, probably not meant for consumption during the March (such as eggs, tomatoes, etc.)
  • any object larger or longer than 150 cms
  • banners, leaflets, posters or any other object which displays messages contrary to the aims and values of Budapest Pride (whether anything falls under this category shall be decided by the organisers and staff members)
  • any object which the organisers and staff members consider to threaten the safety and security of the March.

You may not stop to block the entry points to the March, unless you are explicitly instructed to stop by an organiser or staff member, in order to ensure the safety and security of the event.

The whole area of the March is a public area, which means that all laws relating to personal conduct remain in full force.

You may only bring your bike if you do not ride it while you are on the area of the March. Using roller skates or skate boards is only allowed in a manner which does not endanger other participants. Organisers and staff members can instruct you to not use these devices.

In line with the relevant legal provisions, anyone, including members of the press, the Police and other participants can take pictures of you without your explicit consent while taking part in the March.

We ask you to use the exit routes recommended by the organisers and staff members at the end of the March.

Please note that the Act on Assembly stipulates certain restrictions in order to guarantee the safety and security of the March:
Section 9 [Restrictions ensuring the peaceful nature of the assembly]
(1) Attending an assembly, including going to and leaving it, shall be prohibited for persons
a) carrying a firearm, ammunition, explosives, detonating equipment, a device designed to use explosives or detonating equipment, a dangerous substance within the meaning of Article 2
(2) of Council Directive 67/548/EEC, or the imitation of the foregoing,
b) carrying an instrument capable of causing death, personal injury or a serious material damage, or
c) wearing paramilitary or similar clothing conveying violence or having an intimidating character.
(2) Unless specified in the notification which was noted, the participants
a) may not wear a protective equipment, uniform or clothing that may be mistaken forthe foregoing,
b) and may not cover their face.

Note that violation of the restrictions guaranteeing the safety and security of the March will result in criminal liability.

Should the above-cited legal provision be breached, the Police will intitiate proceedings and the persons concerned will be expelled from the March.

Rules relating to vehicles

Vehicles which had not been registered with the organisers and given a number cannot be used in the March. Apart from staff in charge of playing music, nobody canbe present on the part of the vehicle who does not sit in a seat. Once the vehicle returns to traffic, staff in charge of music also need to sit in the seats designated for travel.


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