Submit your program for the Budapest Pride LGBTQ Festival 2017!

Program submission has been closed. If you've missed it, we'll be happy to host your program at next year's Pride.


Every year exciting and unmissable programs are submitted by other ogranizations to the Budapest Pride Festival. This year we have an open call again. Submit your program until April 30th!

This year the submission process for the external programs will change. Please find below a summary of the most important changes.

Submission deadline of the application form is April 30th (Sunday) midnight. We will get back to you within a week, and will give you further information in case your program got selected.

The organizer of the event takes full responsibility, the Rainbow Mission Foundation organizing Budapest Pride is not liable of any kind for the content that is being carried out or said in written or oral form at the event.

Innovative ideas, creative solutions, programs that weren’t present at the Festival in previous years and new organizations and organizers who didn’t participate and weren’t represented in the Festival before will be favoured in the evaluation process. Further, non-profit organizations and/or whose activities relate closely to the LGBTQ community will be favoured too. Programs concerning LGBTQ people with multiple disadvantages (e.g. Roma people, disabled people, refugees, homeless people, etc.) and programs submitted by organizations who aren’t from Budapest will also be preferred. Further preferred programs are those that can be visited regardless of language barriers, that are wheelchair accessible and free of entry. Applications will be rejected if they are incompatible with the manifesto of the Rainbow Mission Foundation, and if they were submitted after deadline.


The organizer’s responsibilities are as follows:

  • ensuring the venue of the program, communicating the technical requirements to the venue, making sure that all necessary technical requirements are organized
  • at least one organizer has to be present at the event
  • promoting the event on the organizer’s platforms

What will Budapest Pride ensure?

  • free promotion of the event in the program booklet in several thousand copies
  • promotion of the event on Budapest Pride platforms (website, Facebook)
  • full or partial coverage of certain expenses of the event (travel costs, rental of a room) after agreement
  • Budapest Pride doesn’t provide any financial reward for the organizers, and doesn’t cover any equipment costs, royalties for performers and unnecessary expenses.

In case you have any questions, contact us at