Speech of Vladimir Luxuria at the 26 Budapest Pride March

Photo: Melinda Bán


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk at such an important Pride, the most important Pride in Europe.

My name is Vladimir, not Putin, I am so happy to be Vladimir Luxuria the first italian transgender woman to be elected in a Parliament  in Europe in 2006. First of all let me hug all hungarian transgenders and no binary: we are human beings who deserve to express ourselves, to exist and resist, to let ourselves go with the flow of our gender identity. We are not only made of flesh, of genome, of chromosomes: we are a splendid combination of body and soul, body and heart, body and brain and we have the sacred right to live in harmony according to our nature. If we’re not allowed to consider our documents as a mirror you won’t convert transgender into “biological” individuals, you will create invisible ghosts, hungarians with no citizenship, shadows of your dullness. 

I am addressing to your Prime Minister Viktor Orban: what’s the mission for the country you’re leading? To respect Lgbtqi plus community or to wish them to live a miserabile life without any possibility if they happen to fall in love to create their own family? How do you immagine to protect people less than 18 years old? By not explaining in right terms who we are? Young people need answers to their questions and school is the appropriate place not only to teach geography and maths but also to prevent bullying, abuse and sexual discrimination so as not to have student who lose interest in study or even in their life. Young people with no answers given will catch a telephone and google to find them. 

Mr Orban, transexuality is not “trans”mitted to teenagers with droplets if you just talk about it. We don’t want young heterosexuals to become gay or lesbian we would like to prevent them to become adults infected with homobitransphobia, hate and disrespect. We have nothing to hide, Mr Orban, nothing to do with hypocrisy, the double life of those who are moralists during the day and when night comes around are ready to join orgy and drug parties. All we have to do with is love, dignity and pride. Never be ashamed of what we are. 

Thank you Budapest Pride.