Save the date: Budapest Pride March on July 4


Budapest Pride is being organized for the 25th time this year. The highlight of the jubilee festival is the parade on July 4, 2020, following the one-month festival. It will cover the streets of Budapest with rainbow colors in the name of freedom and equality.

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“Claim back your future!”this is the slogan of this year’s Budapest Pride Festival. How do we imagine our lives in 5, 10, 20 years? The theme of 25th Budapest Pride Festival is to plan a common future and build bridges. What can we do to respond to the apathy that is woven into our daily lives, the growing fear of the climate crisis, the hardships and anxieties of the housing crisis and our daily livelihoods? What are the responses to the crisis of democracy when narratives and decisions are made explicitly without the involvement of the affected people? What are the paths we can take towards a more participatory and representative democracy? How can we build bridges in our strongly divided society? It is time for those who have been ignored and neglected so far to regain power of their future and act together in their interests.

The one-month Budapest Pride Festival has grown to become the largest civil festival in Hungary. In 2019 nearly 50 NGOs, informal groups, friends and individuals organized more than 100 events during the Pride Month. From the bicycle tour to the politician’s roundtable, from the theatrical performance to the jewelry workshop, the 2019 palette has consisted of grassroots community programs that have gone beyond expectations. Organizers are expecting similarly diverse and innovative programs from new and returning program organizers, who are now seriously defining the face and character of the Budapest Pride Festival. 

The march will be followed by the Rainbow Party, the largest LGBTQ party of the year, where the LGBTQ community and their supporters can celebrate the 25th Annual Festival in Budapest’s largest concert venue, the Budapest Park.

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For years, the organizers of Budapest Pride have been working to make the Parade as safe and free as possible. As a result, in 2018 and 2019 it was possible to join the march anywhere along its route, without railings. It is hoped that this year tens of thousands of participants will be able to stand for equality and human rights on the streets of Budapest as a symbol of freedom and to join the march anywhere along the route.