Rules of events organised by Budapest Pride

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The current Rules apply to all events which are held as part of the Budapest Pride Festival (hereinafter: Festival), and to all events held by Budapest Pride, even if they are not part of the Festival.

An event is considered to be held by Budapest Pride when it is organised by Budapest Pride or when Budapest Pride takes part in the organisation of the event as a co-organiser or supportive organiser.

The current Rules shall always apply together with the rules of the host of an event (e.g. rules relating to sound, age of participants, etc.)


The aim of the events

The general aim of the events organised by Budapest Pride is to uphold the cultural traditions of the LGBTQ community, to discuss relevant issues relating to the community, and to strengthen the community in order to create an open, free and democratic society free of discrimination.


The event organiser

The event organiser (hereinafter: organiser) is responsible for any event which falls under the scope of the current Rules. The organiser is a person or legal entity which is referred to as such on the relevant surfaces of an event (including its facebook event and / or the website of Budapest Pride), and who identify themself as such on the location of an event. An organiser present at the start of an event shall announce that they are responsible for the event.


The participants

The participants shall respect both these Rules and the rules of the host. By participating at an event, the participants agree not to behave in a manner contrary to the aim of the event and the Manifestation of Budapest Pride. The participants also accept that the organiser has the right to refuse their participation or expel them from the event, should they violate these Rules of the rules of the host.



The events under the scope of these Rules are not open to the press, unless the organiser decides otherwise.


Refusal of participation and expulsion

The organisers shall decide whether a person is refused participation at an event, or if they are expelled from it. Those refused participation shall not take part in the event and cannot enter its location. Those expelled from the event shall immediately leave the event they had participated in.

Participation is refused to, or expulsion shall be applied against anyone who

  • Expresses views which are contrary to the aim of the event and are capable of inciting fear in the participants (including especially homophobic, transphobic, racist and sexist expressions), makes threats or acts in a threatening, violent manner (hereinafter: extreme behaviour)
  • Derogates or violates other persons’ human dignity
  • Displays support for extreme behaviour, advertises it or encourages others to act in such manner. Such display can be understood to occur on clothing, stickers, flags, posters or on any other surface visible to those wishing to participate in the event.
  • Expresses views in support of ideas contrary to the Manifesto of Budapest Pride, does not respect the aim of the event and its focus on human rights, offends or humiliates participants owing to their protected characteristics as defined by Section 8 of Act CXXV. of 2003 on Equal Treatmant (hereinafter: Equal Treatment Act) (especially sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, ethnicity)
  • Behaves in a prejudiced manner against the target audience of an event or the LGBTQ community
  • Distracts or disrupts the event or does not respect the order of the event as set by the organiser. Shall the organiser hold that asking questions is dependent on prior notification, failure to respect this rule constitutes distraction.
  • Attempts to prevent participants from taking part in the event
  • Attempts to distract or disrupt the event from within our outside with activities which incite fear or constitute extreme behaviour (shouting, aggressive knocking, loud music or amplified speech)
  • Had previously distracted or disrupted an event
  • Had previously expressed extreme behaviour against a person or group of people owing to their protected characteristics as defined by Section of the Equal Treatment Act or had expressed views which derogate or violate another person’s human dignity
  • Is banned from the premises of the host.

The event organisers have the right to record the event, and store the recordings in line with the Data Protection Rules of Budapest Pride.

Further, the organiser shall, at any point, decide to refuse participation to a person or expel them from the event if it is needed in order to properly hold the event and is necessary to ensure the safety and sense of safety of the participants.

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