Rainbow Party 2020 | Budapest Pride Official After Party

Budapest Pride Rainbow Party Budapest Park afterparty augusztus 22 2020

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Let's fill Budapest Park again, on 3 stages  (Jungle, Big stage, Retro) with a great variety of music styles, show elements and the coolest performers of Hungary await you at the Rainbow Party! 


➝ Main stage:
Euphoria - the show by Humen Event

➝ Retro stage
Steiner Kristóf & Nimrod Dagan Madonna party
Papa don't vogue

➝ Jungle
Legars Dj set

✚ Arena tickets ✚
➝ Early bird: 2499 HUF
➝ Limited Presale: 2999 HUF
➝ Full price: 3999 HUF

✚ Terrace tickets ✚
➝ Mastercard left front terrace: 6999 Ft
➝ Mastercard left middle terrace: 6999 Ft
➝ Right front terrace: 6999 Ft
➝ Right middle terrace: 6999 Ft

▲ Ticket Sale: https://www.budapestpark.hu/events/rainbow-party-20200704

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Ticket information:
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Age limit:
▲ Participation under 18 is not allowed.

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Budapest Pride Rainbow Party Budapest Park afterparty augusztus 22 2020