Rainbow Employees - Budapest Pride’s Support Program for LGBTQ Workplace Groups

Are you an LGBTQ employee? Do you have an LGBTQ family member? Are you perhaps a supporter of our community? Is there no LGBTQ resource group for employees at your workplace? Or there is one, but you don’t know how to adequately represent your group’s interests?

We have amazing news! Budapest Pride is launching a support program for LGBTQ workplace groups. Apply if you

  • don’t yet have an LGBTQ group at your workplace, but would like to have one.
  • have the opportunity to create an LGBTQ group, but you’re unsure how to kick it off.
  • already have an LGBTQ group, but you could use some fresh ideas, or would like to share your positive experiences with others.

Most LGBTQ people in Hungary are a lot more likely to find a supportive environment among their peers than in their families, and members of this support circle often come from workplace communities. In contrast, according to a 2010 research conducted by Háttér Society, 55% of LGBTQ respondents did not reveal to any of their colleagues that they were a member of the LGBTQ community. Most of them feared workplace discrimination and rejection by their co-workers and managers. Therefore, LGBTQ groups at the workplace play a particularly important role in contributing to LGBTQ adults living happy and fulfilling lives. These groups can provide an inclusive and supportive environment for LGBTQ employees, bring the necessary changes into the spotlight, represent the interests of LGBTQ employees towards their leadership, and act as a bridge between employees of the majority society and LGBTQ employees.

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Share our call with your friends and acquaintances to get the word out to more places with LGBTQ employees or groups advocating for them. Use the hashtag #RainbowEmployees!

If you have any questions, contact us at info@budapestpride.hu with your letter “Rainbow Employees”.