Organize an event for the 2022 Budapest Pride Festival

Join Hungary’s biggest civil festival! Submit your event for the Budapest Pride Festival, which is expected to be held between June 24th and July 24th, 2022.

We are certain that this year’s festival is going to be just as colourful and community building-oriented as the previous ones but with more ambitious events. Our goal is to empower and to give head start to individuals and small groups that would like to contribute to the festival with an event.

This year’s festival events and its formats could be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the actual governmental provisions in place at the time being. Please consider whether it is possible to reorganize your event into the online space should the provisions make it necessary to do so. We expect the organizers to comply with the actual epidemiological regulations.

To organize an event at the Budapest Pride Festival, you don’t have to be an officially registered NGO! You can be an organizer as an informal group, as a group of friends or even as an individual.

Submit your event to the festival through this link:

I submit my idea!

Submission deadline: 3rd April 2022 by midnight

Until the submission deadline, you only have to send in your event’s short description, title, type and your contact information.

After your submission we will get back to you until April 10th, 2022 if your event is selected for the 27th Budapest Pride Festival. The submission deadline for finalized event plans, such as location, time, detailed description of the event, picture, etc. will be May 1st, 2022.

If your event is selected for the 27th Budapest Pride Festival, as an event organizer you will be responsible for the following:

  • organizing the event
  • finding a location equipped with the necessary technical equipment
  • filling out the 2nd form between April 11th and May 1st in which you’ll provide the operational information and source materials so we can advertise your event
  • creating a Facebook event and adding the Budapest Pride page as a co-host to the event
  • advertising the event on your own social media platforms
  • participating in a training by Budapest Pride on how to secure your event (event security training) - please note that this is obligatory!
  • cooperating with Budapest Pride Festival’s event communications and event security workgroups

We will provide the following:

  • advertisement for your event on our website, social media platforms and newsletters
  • paid online advertisements in order to reach more people who might be interested in your event. Instead of paying for a printed programme booklet we are advertising with social media ads.
  • contact person from Budapest Pride
  • the coordination of all the festival programs
  • event securing trainings for all organizers
  • cooperation with the police
  • policy and legal assistance in relation to the events
  • press releases for the festival and indirectly (if possible directly) for the festival programs
  • photographers and videographers to the events (based on the time and type of the event.)

What we are looking for:

  • innovative ideas, creative solutions
  • events that haven’t been done at previous festivals and organizers who are new to the Budapest Pride Festival
  • nonprofit organizations and/or organizations who are connected to the LGBTQ community
  • events that touch the subject of intersectionality, like roma, disabled, refugee, homeless, etc. LGBTQ people and/or are about them
  • events that are sent in by organizations not located at Budapest
  • programs that are accessible in many ways (physically, linguistically…)
  • programs that relate to the Festival’s slogan (Claim back your future!)

Submissions that miss the deadline or deemed to be incompatible with Budapest Pride’s core values will be rejected! (stated in our organizational Manifesto).

Stay tuned! Come chat with other program organizers! If you speak Hungarian, join the ‘Programot szervezek a Budapest Pride-ra 2022’ Facebook group (“I’m an event organizer for Budapest Pride 2022”), where you can look for projectors or basically any other needs for your event, and you can ask for advice or even team up with others!

In case you don't find the answers to your questions in that Facebook group, contact us at Please make sure to use the following email subject: 'Summer Festival Program Submission 2022 - <organization name>'.

I submit my idea!