Organise an event to the 2020 Budapest Pride Festival


Submit your event for Budapest Pride LGBTQ Festival held throughout an entire month from June 05 till July 05, 2020, in Budapest and numerous other locations across Hungary.

Similarly to previous years, we can’t wait to create a Festival that promotes diversity and unity, with more events than ever before. Our goal is to empower and boost the grassroot communities to organise events that build and transform our community.

This year’s festival is designed to be greener than ever: our printed programme guide from previous years is being replaced by a much more effective online communication. Besides the fact that we seek to protect our environment, we will promote the events to a way larger audience than before by advertising all the events at their target group through online communication.

Also different from previous years (in reaction to last year’s incidents), we now have a committee ensuring the security of our events, aided by a dedicated legal team. Their goal is to prevent any outside forces from disturbing our events, so that Budapest Pride Festival can be enjoyed freely and safely.

You’re not a registered organization? No problem! You can organize a program as an informal group, a group of friends, or even as an individual!

You’re not from Budapest? No problem! Submit your program suggestions for the Festival via the following link:

I organise an event!

Submission deadline: February 23, 2020.

By the deadline you only have to submit the exact goal, title and type of your program with your contact details.

Following your submission we will respond, a week after the final submission deadline at the latest, to provide you with feedback whether your program will be part of this year's Budapest Pride LGBTQ Festival. In the next round, we will ask you for additional details (such as location, date and time, final program description, etc.) until March 31, 2020.

What are we expecting? 

  • innovative ideas and creative solutions;
  • programs that have not participated in previous years, as well as newly participating organizations and organizers;
  • NGOs and/or organizations whose activities have strong ties to the LGBTQ community;
  • programs concerning LGBTQ people with intersectional identities (e.g. Romani, people with disabilities, immigrants, homeless, etc.);
  • programs submitted by non-Budapest-based organizations;
  • programs that are accessible both physically and language-wise;
  • programs concerning this year’s slogan. 

Events that don’t comply with our core values (stated in the organizational Manifesto) will be rejected. 

Stay tuned! Ask other program organizers! Join the ‘Programot szervezek a Budapest Pride-ra 2020’ Facebook group (“I’m an event organizer for Budapest Pride 2020”), where you can look for projectors or any other things you need for your program, and you can ask for advice or team up with others!

In case you don't find the answers to your questions in that Facebook group, contact us via Please make sure to provide the following email subject: 'Summer Festival Program Submission 2020 - <organization name>'.

I organise an event!