New date for Budapest Pride 2021

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The Budapest Pride March 2021 will be on July 24th 

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we moved the Budapest Pride March and our planned date is July 24th. The one month long Budapest Pride Festival will start on June 25th and end on July 25th. After the Budapest Pride March we will celebrate at Hungary's biggest LGBTQ party, the Rainbow Party at Budapest Park. 

As last year, we are holding pride events in accordance to the actual pandemic restrictions. The prolonges lockdown was the main reason behind the date change, but we are also counting on several venues being reopened in the upcoming months. With postponing the event we wanted to give some extra time for venues and event organizers to prepare for their events. 

"Last year we had to shorten the Budapest Pride Festival for only 10 days, but this year the Festival will come back with its full 1-month length. We are coordinating with all event organizers and we are prepared for moving our events online if necessary" - added Ádám Csikós, spokesperson of Budapest Pride.

The Budapest Pride Festival, with over 100 events and 50 event organizers who come from NGOs and informal groups, has grown into the largest civil festival in Hungary. We aim to boost further this exceptional example of solidarity and collaboration, and we are working on helping our event organizers and venues in this difficult situation.

"We think LGBTQ equality will not be achieved by a single campaign or organization, but by the work of tons of dedicated groups who persistently work on this issue for decades. Our real strength lies with our community, that's why we transformed the Budapest Pride Festival into a real community festival in 2017, so anyone can join with their events" - added Jojó Majercsik, Budapest Pride's spokesperson.

Event organizers can join the Budapest Pride Festival by applying on this form until March 14th. The latest information about the Budapest Pride March will also be shared at the march's Facebook event.

The Festival's slogen - Claim back your future! - reflects to the anxiety we experience due to the increasing inequalities in our society. The Hungarian LGBTQ community experienced unprecedented difficulties in 2020: in May the Hungarian government banned legal gender recognition for transgender and intersex persons. In December, the government banned adoption for same-sex parents. They even amended the Constitution, adding derogatory language towards LGBTQ people. We think that the best answer to this political climate is to act up as a community, connect with each other, pay attention and stregthen each other. We aim to encourage this with our slogen. 


budapest pride, rainbow party, budapest pride felvonulás