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A parliamentary group with representatives working for LGBTQ people was established in the Parliament with 21 members!

We welcome the fact that, after Poland, North Macedonia, the United Kingdom, the European Parliament and the United States, Hungarian members of parliament who are committed to representing the interests of LGBTQ people have also established an official parliamentary group.

Dávid Bedő, chairman of the For a Diverse Hungary – MPs for the LGBTQ community, said: in the first cycle, the main focus of the group of representatives will be LGBTQ policy and building bridges between political life and civilians.

We consider it progressive that the group of representatives wants to provide political representation to the LGBTQ community in Hungary, acknowledging that the rights of LGBTQ people have been severely curtailed in recent years. We hope that the group of representatives will have efficient and effective years ahead of them and that their formation will inspire other politicians who want to do something for vulnerable minorities or important social issues to create such a thematic, cross-party parliamentary group.

Looking at the work of the European Parliament in recent years, we have seen that the LGBTI Intergroup of the European Parliament is one of the most active of all the parliamentary groups, and they maintain very close contact with many actors of the civil society representing those concerned. We hope that the Hungarian parliamentary group representing our community will work equally efficiently and committedly for our rights - and we will continue to be available to any political formation that wants to ask for our advice in representing LGBTQ rights.

So far, the representative group For a Diverse Hungary has been joined by representatives of the following parties: Democratic Coalition, LMP - Hungary’s Green Party, Hungarian Socialist Party, Momentum Movement and Dialogue for Hungary. As membership is still open to all parliamentarians, we encourage all politicians with a parliamentary mandate to join the group who are willing to work for a Hungary where diversity is valued and where members of the LGBTQ community live fearlessly, freely and happily.

The goals of the group:

  • Promoting the dignity, equality, human rights and social acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual and intersex (LGBTQ) people, action against discrimination against LGBTQ people.
  • Continuous representation of the interests of LGBTQ people in the work of the National Assembly.
  • Maintaining contact with Hungarian, European Union and international LGBTQ rights activists and civil groups.
  • Liaising with national and European Union parliamentary groups on LGBTQ rights groups who are dealing with european and international LGBTQ rights.
  • Drafting, representing and facilitating initiatives, bills, proposals and amendments related to the rights of LGBTQ people in matters falling within the scope of the duties of the Parliament and the Government, as well as the Parties and related entities.

The members of “For a Diverse Hungary – MPs for the LGBTQ community” Parliamentary Group (presidency members in bold):

  • Gergely Arató (Democratic Coalition)
  • Balázs Barkóczi (Democratic Coalition)
  • Dávid Bedő (Momentum Movement)
  • dr. Zita Gurmai (Hungarian Socialist Party)
  • Ferenc Gelencsér (Momentum Movement)
  • Andrea Hegedüs (Democratic Coalition)
  • Máté Kanász-Nagy (LMP – Hungary's Green Party)
  • Imre Komjáthi (Hungarian Socialist Party)
  • Ágnes Kunhalmi (Hungarian Socialist Party)
  • Lajos Lőcsei (Momentum Movement)
  • Anna Orosz (Momentum Movement)
  • László Sebián-Petrovszki (Democratic Coalition)
  • Éva Sebők (Momentum Movement)
  • Rebeka Szabó (Dialogue for Hungary)
  • Tímea Szabó (Dialogue for Hungary)
  • Márton Tompos (Momentum Movement)
  • Bence Tordai (Dialogue for Hungary)
  • Zoltán Vajda (Hungarian Socialist Party)
  • Zoltán Varga (Democratic Coalition)
  • László Varju (Democratic Coalition)
sokszínű magyarországért, lmbtq képviselőcsoport, parlament, lmbtq, ellenzék