Team up for this year’s march! On the 21rd Budapest Pride March, again, we would like to provide greater visibility for different social groups, organizations, occupations, towns, etc. We believe that by standing for these values, we can encourage others to get involved as well. All of this will serve to emphasize the demonstrating power of the march, by showing people of different groups marching together under one banner/sign.

If you would like to participate with your organization, group, town etc., please fill in the following form. Should you have any questions, please write to the following e-mail: varga.zsaklin@budapestpride.hu.

Closing date for applications: 19th June 2016


See you on 2 July at the Budapest Pride March! Till then, follow the Facebook event and our website for further useful and important information regarding the march.


If you wish to participate in the march of 2016 with a truck, please fill in the following form.


For civil society organizations, groups - 0 HUF

For companies and enterprises - 100,000 HUF

This price includes VAT but excludes the rental, decorating and other costs of the vehicle. By the income, we will cover the costs of the march.