Katalin Novák ruins people's lives but feels oppressed

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Hungary government funds her international homophobic lobbying, Katalin Novák still feels oppressed

If having both power and money, why turn it into hate-mongering?


Katalin Novák, Hungarian Minister for Families said that the “gay lobby went too far”, referring to that the drastic legislative discrimination of the past year was part of a “provoked” governmental punishment for the LGBTQ community. 

The Hungarian government took away our aqcuired rights In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic when protests were banned and without any widespread consultation. This step is not only dismantling democracy and the rule of law but pits the society against LGBTQ people. They are unworthy of the name “Christian-democratic”.  - added Johanna Majercsik, spokesperson to Budapest Pride. 

Katalin Novák gave an interview to the belgian public television regarding how they got kicked out/left the EPP, and complained how difficult it is for those who “do not fully support gay rights.”

Let’s have a look at how difficult it is, and for whom.

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Photos from the 2020 campaign for rainbow families' rights: "Family is Family"

The Hungarian government took away acquired rights from LGBTQ people in 2020. In 2020 May they ended a 20-year legal practise with banning legal gender recognition for transgender and intersex people. With this move they contradicted the consistent case-law of the Constitutional Court, all of which’s members were appointed by this government.

In 2020 December the Fidesz government practically banned individual adoption for gay and lesbian people (they did not have to adopt as a couple before), contradicting the professional opinion of several children’s rights experts and organisations. 

These decisions brought no benefit for non-LGBTQ persons, because heterosexual married couples were already prioritized in the adoption process. Individual adopting parents (including people living in same-sex relationships) could only adopt children who were refused by heterosexual married couples. As a result of this bill many children will be deprived of growing up in a loving family, they will be adopted from abroad or grow up in a foster home. Regarding several Hungarian foster homes there is proof of systematic child abuse (e.g. the ones in Göd, Kalocsa, Zalaegerszeg and Esztergom). 

Many disagree with the Hungarian government in conducting hate campaigns in the name of Christianity and how they use “religious freedom” as an excuse for unobstructed legal and propaganda-torture of minority groups. Even the right-wing Jobbik did not vote for the ban on legal gender recognition, who are anything but the supporters of the LGBTQ community. Katalin Lukácsi, who has left Fidesz’s coalition partner KDNP after its campaign against CEU, joined the Budapest Pride March and raised her voice in protecting the LGBTQ community. Also, several Hungarian pastors took a stance in turning to the LGBTQ community with love and openness, like Márta Bolba, Sándor Cserháti or László Donáth. Rita Perintfalvi evangelical theologian, Miklós Beer former bishop and the John Wesley Theological College supported openness and understanding towards the LGBTQ community. The John Wesley Theological College is led by Gábor Iványi, the pastor who married Viktor Orbán to his wife and christened all his children. And even Pope Francis highilghted the importance of LGBTQ acceptance, although his opinion is frequently discredited by the Hungarian government.

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(Photo from the Budapest Pride March. The text says "I'm with you!")

In spite of the fact that the Hungarian Christian communities clearly do not have an unanimous stance in LGBTQ questions, the Novák-led faux-Christian homophobic lobby enjoys the unconditional ideological and financial support of the Hungarian government. 

After Katalin Novák was appointed Secretary of State for Family and Youth Affairs in 2014, she created her international homophobic lobbying organization called Political Network for Values, which cooperates with numerous US-based and South American far right groups and registered hate groups. So Novák had the proper sources of inspiration to ruin the life of as many Hungarian LGBTQ persons as she can.

The Hungarian government made sure that Novák’s homophobic lobby gets all the publicity and help in Hungary. 

For example the thinktank for agreeing on everything with Orbán, Center for Fundamental Rights (Alapjogokért Központ) received a funding of over 2 million USD from unclear sources. CFR has been cooperating with the Polish ultraconservative Ordo Iuris, who were supporting the Polosh abortion ban and organizing the Polish hate-mongering campaign against LGBTQ people - like touring the country with buses, spreading fear and misinformation about LGBTQ people. This February Center for Fundamental Rights (Alapjogokért Központ) and Ordo Iuris signed an official cooperation agreement. 

The Christian-appearing website vasarnap.hu that often spreads religious fundamentalist and loudly homophobic views in 2019 received a 300,000 USD funding from the Hungarian Ministry for Human Capacities and around 70,000 USD funding from Fidesz’s coalition partner, KDNP’s party foundation. The reason for the donations was to “fight against persecution of Christians’. To this day it is unknown who is persecuting Christians in Hungary. 

And finally Katalin Novák’s international homophobic lobbying organization, Political Network for Values received a funding over 120,000 USD directly from the government budget.

But who are these organizations Katalin Novák is cooperating with?


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Naturally, Katalin Novák an Political Network for Values are closely tied to the world’s largest anti-gay organization, the Russian-originated World Congress for Families. Among other things, World Congress for Families supported death penalty for homosexuality in Uganda (which, due to the society’s pressure, was reduced to life in prison) and the Russian propagandalaw that restrains freedom of assembly and freedom of speech by prohibiting the public display of rainbow flags and other LGBTQ  symbols. 

Another partner of Katalin Novák is the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, C-FAM, which is officially registered as a US-based hate group. For example they are opposing the UN’s disability convention and STI education, reasoning that it would promote the use of condoms instead of abstinence. 

Katalin Novák, Hungarian Minister for Families also cooperates with Alliance Defending Freedom, who are not only campaigning against marriage equality and sexual education at school, but they were lobbying for a law to remain effective in Belize (Central Africa) which punishes homosexuality with 10 years in prison.

The name of the National Organization for Marriage might ring a bell to a lot of us: they were leading the campaign against the USA fight for marriage equality. After they failed, their president, Brian Brown became the president of the International Organization for Families, who - you are not going to guess - are organizing the World Conference for Families. They, of course, are closely tied with Novák.

Another important partner and sponsor of Katalin Novák is CitizenGO, a faux-civil petition website tied to far-right Russian oligarchs. CitizenGO is intensely active in Hungary, and if we scroll through their website, we find it extra difficult to find at least a few petitions that are not anti-LGBTQ or anti-abortion.

The only question that remains is why is a prominent member of the Hungarian government and vice president of Fidesz, Katalin Novák is working in a far-right ultraconservative political network which clearly aims to support homophobic legistlation in other countries, like Russia or African countries. 

Another question is how much of an influence these international fundamental hate-groups had in Fidesz’s 2 pieces of anti-LGBTQ legistlation the Hungarian government accepted in 2020.

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