Join the 27th Budapest Pride March with a float!

The launchers can choose from several types of vehicles, from trucks, flatbed trucks to TukTuk and Rickshaw, according to the conditions of the route. The exact technical information and the rules for launching a vehicle are given in the rules of vehicle participation (see below).


Launching a vehicle is free for NGOs and informal groups, with a significant discount for LGBTQ businesses, while for-profit vehicle launchers can join the march for a donation. Donations from the vehicle launchings will be used in full to cover a part of the costs of the Budapest Pride March.

Are you interested in starting a vehicle? Click the button below and take the first step!

Registration deadline: 30th April 2022, Saturday by midnight.

I register a vehicle participant!

The applicants will get all further information (including the entry permit, arrival and safety regulations) via email.

Important: You can only join with a vehicle in accordance with the rules of vehicle participation! You can read the rules by clicking the button below or downloading the attachment.

I read the rules of vehicle participation!

From 2020, we apply new environmental guidelines during the Budapest Pride Festival and March, so we expect our partners to agree with that.

If you have any further questions, please email us at

As a vehicle launcher you will be responsible for the following:

  • Managing vehicle leasing, vehicle decoration, sound engineering and DJ’s.
  • Participant groups need to provide a driver for their vehicle, besides, data of the driver and data around the vehicle also needs to be submitted to Budapest Pride. What is needed: name of the driver, phone number, number of driver’s licence, number of driver’s personal ID card.
  • Requesting and managing vehicle entry permission for the vehicle.
  • Participant groups are asked to place a visible logo on their vehicles. Logo needs to be checked and verified by Budapest Pride in advance. Without a logo their vehicle won’t be permitted to enter the march. 
  • Rules of the march must be met by all participant groups and their associates.
  • All vehicle participant groups must provide a minimum of five responsible persons who will accompany the vehicle on the entire length of the march from the first assembly to its end, and who will act as Budapest Pride orders them. Vehicle attendants need to provide safe distance between participants of the march and vehicles. Technically speaking, attendants need to hold a safety ribbon around the vehicle. Of these five persons, four will hold a safety ribbon while walking next to the vehicle, and one will walk in front of the vehicle and watch out for the attendees. 
  • Vehicle participant groups must provide a seat for the Budapest Pride appointed coordinator next to the driver of the vehicle.
  • In case a vehicle participant group wishes to use the services of a security company of their own choice, they must notify Budapest Pride (at at least 15 days prior to the march, and must provide the names of the security personnel, as well as a digital copy of their IDs and permissions. Vehicle participant groups must ensure that the security personnel do not wear clothes that could be deemed intimidating (all black, camouflage, military etc), and that their appearance blends in with the rest of the attendees. All security personnel must wear visibility vests.

We will provide the following:

  • We’ll keep in touch continuously with the dedicated vehicle participant groups till the march comes and during the march, also provide full-scale administration with regards to floats and vehicles. 
  • We’ll manage donation contracts.
  • Greater visibility for vehicle participant groups
  • We’ll assemble the rules of vehicle participation that meets all safety and security criteria.
  • We’ll provide a vehicle coordinator dedicated by Budapest Pride to assist and support the driver during the march. Besides, vehicle coordinators will be available to support volunteers dedicated by the participant groups.
  • On the day of the march we’ll brief all vehicle attendants and drivers.
  • We provide vehicle attendants (and vehicle coordinators) the necessary equipment for the work (visibility vest, “volunteer” titled identification card, CB radio). 
  • We’ll be in close cooperation with local police authorities in order to obtain vehicle entry permissions and to manage specific data around vehicles, drivers and additional security personnel (delegated by participant groups if needed).
  • On the day of the march we’ll organize all vehicles and floats in the most appropriate order based on practical solutions and safety measures. Vehicles will be constantly guided during the march and will be released in a fashionable order concerning all safety criteria once the march ends. As far as logistics are concerned we’ll support the participant groups with vehicle identifier markings and visibility vests, CB radios will be available to keep in touch between vehicles and personnel.

Download the Rules of vehicle participation down here!