Groups who will march with us on 6 July 2019

Budapest Pride Felvonulás résztvevők 2019

Let's meet on July 2019, march together for our community! Join us and demonstrate that we will never give up! Let's show the world that we chosse acting instead of accepting oppression. Let's show everyone who has to live in fear and isolation that they are not alone. We stand here and we will speak up for a just, diverse and accepting world. We welcome everyone who agrees with these goals and values, either an LGBTQ person or an ally. Every participant and every supporter matters! The following groups have already taken a huge step for a safer and more liberated society.

We will start the Pride March with the NGO fare at Kossuth square with the participation of the following civil groups:
- Amnesty International Magyarország
- Budapest Pride
- Charme Hungary same-sex dance club
- Christians for gays
- Háttér Society
- Hug-hotspot of parents and supporters of LGBTQ children
- Hungarian Asexual Community
- LGBT Community of Szeged
- Mosaik LGBTQ christian community
- UN Refugee Agency

The following organizations will join us with a float:
- Amnesty International Magyarország
- Budapest Pride
- QRTV Europa - roma LGBTQ media
- Alexander Group
- BP Business Service Center
- Viacom International Hungary (MTV)

The following organizations will join us with a group:
- Amnesty International Magyarország
- DebrecenPride
- LGBTK - LGBTQ group of ELTE University 
- Parents and supporters of LGBTQ children
- Magyar Kétfarkú Kutya Párt
- Mindenki Fogadjon Örökbe Egy Kiskutyát Alapítvány
- Momentum Mozgalom
- Párbeszéd Magyarország
- Prizma Community and Szabadnem Blog
- ​​​​​​"Rés" Social and Cultural Foundation Women's Night Shelter
- Rockstar Alternative Hair salon
- SAP Hungary
- This is Redy
- Vegans
- Wesley János Theological College

The following embassies have already gave us a feedback that they will be marching with us:
- Austria
- Chile
- France
- Mexico
- United Kingdom
- United States
- Norway
- Sweden

Budapest Pride Felvonulás résztvevők 2019