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How to support Budapest Pride?

Regular donation through PayPal (with a PayPal account):

If you have a PayPal account, on the first screen, you have to choose the "I already have a PayPal account." radio button. After logging in, you can set up the regular payment. If you don't yet have a PayPal account, signing up is easy too. You have to choose the "I need to create a PayPal account (where available)." radio button (this is the default choice). You have to register by filling in the form below the button. After registration is complete, you can proceed after signing in.

Please choose from the options below to jump over to PayPal:

Regular donation through wire transfer:

If you use your bank’s online banking services, you can easily set a regular monthly donation for Budapest Pride with just a few clicks. All you have to do is enter the details of Rainbow Mission Foundation (Budapest Pride’s organizational background) and also the parameters for your donation, i.e. how often and when you would like to transfer 1000 HUF (4 EUR/5 USD) in order to support Budapest Pride’s events and work.

IMPORTANT: please drop us a line with your name when you first donate to, so that we can register you after the first 6 months of regular donations as a member of the Circle of Friends, and thus we can send you the newsletter and invitations easily.

We consider a person to be a Friend of Pride if they donated at least 15 000 HUF once, or have already supported Pride by donating monthly for at least half a year.

Rainbow Mission Foundation's bank account number:

OTP Nyrt. 11713005-20375733
Name of Bank: OTP Bank Nyrt.
IBAN: HU31117130052037573300000000

regularity: monthly
sum: 1000/2000/5000 HUF


Budapest Pride is a NGO that works independently from states, political parties and companies. It is an activist group, if you like. We consider what we do social work, and we have no paid employees. We work towards a world that is free of oppression, where diversity is cherished, where LGBTQ people are fully accepted by society, where homophobia, transphobia, racism and sexism meets the condemnation of society. We want a world where society doesn’t force norms on its members, where we can live without fear, we can live freely, where it is a value to be different, where people accept themselves and each other, and where people strive to cooperate. So we are working towards a good world to live in.

All of the Pride events are organized by a dozen of us, volunteer activists. We do not get paid for this. However, what we do get is a great deal of support and enthusiasm from the community and our friends. Year after year more and more people are participating in the events of the week long summer festival, and the Pride march. Cultural events are held with full house. Moreover, the popularity of other events throughout the year is also increasing. In order to keep up this work and to get closer to a world where it’s great to live, now we need your help. Help us keep our independence and freedom, and to avoid compromises while we work towards our goals. Join the Budapest Pride Circle of Friends, support Budapest Pride if you can, and enjoy the rewards of your donation.

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Of course, you can also support Budapest Pride in other ways, even is you cannot donate a regular amount each monthy. For more information about volunteering and other ways of donation please visit the links below.