Come as a group to the 25th Budapest Pride March!

As in previous years, we would like more informal groups, NGOs, friends groups, rural cities and towns, workplace organizations and social groups to march with their logos and banners in the Pride Parade and represent themselves.

Whatever that connects you, coming as a group you can empower others and make the world a safer place, while emphasizing the March’s message and power in unity. You can show your support and stand up for Budapest Pride’s vision.

Fill out the form below if you wish to come as a group and we will provide you a banner with your group’s name on it for better visibility during the March! As a registered group we display you at the facebook event and also at our website.

I register my group to the March!

After your registration and the deadline we will contact you with the details!

Application deadline: 19 July 2020 by midnight

IMPORTANT: You can register as a group after the deadline, but we can not provide you with the a banner mentioned above.

If you have any further question feel free to contact us at! Please help our job by writing in the subject “<group/organization name> group registration March 2020”.

See you on the 22nd of August 2020 and celebrate the 25th Budapest Pride March! Until then check out our Facebook event and invite all your friends and family. Show your support by click “going” on the event.

I am going!

This year’s Budapest Pride March slogan is “Get back your future!”, wherewith we reflect on the society’s anxiety and apathy. We believe that the best answer to that is action and cooperation in the community. That is why we encourage everyone to do that!