Call for U.S. LGBTQ organizations to call out Joe Biden

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Hungary PM Viktor Orbán is proposing a Russian-type propaganda-law to ban LGBTQ school education and media representation

We are calling all US-based LGBTQ and allied organizations, political actors and government officials to call out Joe Biden to ask about the Russian type propaganda-law against Hungarian LGBTQ persons on his multilateral meetings with NATO members on Monday (July 14th) and EU leaders on Tuesday (July 15th). Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán will participate at both meetings, and China and Russia are already on the agenda. The Hungarian Parliament will vote on the Russian type propaganda law next week (July 14th-18th).

Viktor Orbán’s party just introduced a bill that would

  • put a de facto ban on LGBTQ educational programs in schools
  • ban LGBTQ media content
  • ban LGBTQ-themed products
  • ban LGBTQ-themed advertising on TV

Viktor Orbán has been pioneering in serving Chinese and Russian interests at the expense of his own people: the Hungarain government 

  • took a 10 billion EUR loan from Russia to build a new nuclear reactor in Hungary together with Russia
  • took a 2 billion EUR loan from China to build the Budapest-Belgrade railway. The government classified the contract and all its details for 10 years.
  • plans on bringing the Chinese Fudan University to Hungary to replace Budapest’s plan for a Student City which would provide affordable housing for 12,000 students. The Hungarian government would take on a 1,5 billion EUR loan from China, the building contractor would be a Chinese company and the university would be private with no free spots for Hungarian students.

Viktor Orbán is not only keen on serving Russian and Chinese interests at the expense of his own people, but pioneers serving Russia’s and China’s ideological and political interests as well.

Viktor Orbán’s government consistently vetoes when the European Union or the UN would condemn Russia or China

Viktor Orbán’s Minister for Family Affairs, Katalin Novák has been cooperating with Russian anti-LGBTQ thinktanks and giving speeches at the World Congress for Families since 2014 (the organization who lobbied for death penalty for homosexuality in Uganda)

In 2012 Hungary became the first country in the EU to ban equal marriage in its Constitution: but this was just a first step in Viktor Orbán’s anti-LGBTQ witch-hunt

Viktor Orbán was implementing homophobic and transphobic laws all year in 2020: he banned legal gender recognition all together for transgender and intersex persons. He banned adoption for gay and lesbian people even as single parents. He added inflammatory sentences to the Constitution like “The father is a man, the mother is a woman”, or “every child has a right to receive Christian upbringing” or “every child has a right to live according to their sex at birth”.

Now we are scared, and human rights are endangered in Hungary. We turn to you for help: please call out Joe Biden to bring up the issue of this new bill at his multilateral meetings where Viktor Orbán will be present.

viktor orbán joe biden, biden orbán, homophobic, transphobic, human rights