Budapest Pride: Sign up to volunteer!

We need your help again this year! Without you, there is no festival. All volunteers will be rewarded for their help with free entrance tickets to any of the parties. During the weeks before the festival we will brief all volunteers on what you need to know.

This year you can help in a variety of areas, with brief descriptions found below. If you’ve picked one or two from those listed below, you can register by filling in this form. Please register even if you haven’t decided yet but you’d still like to be informed about how you can help. :)

For more details about festival events, check our website in the second half of June.

If you have any questions, write to!

We look forward to hearing from you!

July 5: Budapest Pride March:

  • March stewards (about 200 volunteers) (13:00–19:00)
  • Photographers (6 volunteers) (15:00–19:00)
  • Media escorts (4 volunteers) (15:00–19:00)
  • Float decoration (about 20 volunteers) (13:00–16:00)
  • Pre- and post-cleanup for NGO fair (about 20 volunteers) (11:00–13:00 and 19:00-20:00)
  • Escorting VIPs during the march (foreign language skills required!) (about 20 volunteers) (15:00–18:00)

June 27: Opening ceremony

  • Escorting guests (6 volunteers) (17:00-22:00)
  • Registration (2 volunteers) (17:30-22:00)
  • Info desk (2 volunteers) (17:30-22:00)
  • Media registration (2 volunteers) (17:30-22:00)

June 28 – July 6: Cultural events and parties

  • Workshop preparation and technical assistance (about 14 volunteers)
  • Art exhibition helpers (about 10 volunteers)
  • Delivering supplies (by car, bike, or public transport) (about 10 volunteers)
  • At the parties:
    • Ticket collectors (about 10 volunteers)
    • Decorators (about 10 volunteers)
  • Escorting VIPs during the week (foreign language skills required!)  (about 20 volunteers)


Budapest Pride 2013 szervezők
Budapest Pride Felvonulás
Budapest Pride 2013 beengedés