Budapest Pride March goes greener!

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Budapest Pride implements strickter environmental rules

We have been working on them ince 2020 and this summer we will be able to put the Budapest Pride March's environmental guidelines to the test for the first time! 

"Claim back your future" - this is the slogan for the Budapest Pride Festival, and it went without question - we cannot talk about he future without a new, expanded environmental set of rules. 

"The climate crisis is an issue of all people, not only because we inhabit this planet together, but also because similarly to the COVID-19 pandemic, a climate catastrophy affects human rights dramatically: in a crisis situation autocratic and anti-LGBTQ politics gain momentum. Worsening living conditions don't affect the Earth's population the same way: members of lower classes and minorities will suffer the consequences of the climate crisis morefold - while the richest 1% will be able to sustain its luxury lifestyle the longest" - argued the timing of the environmental guidelines Johanna Majercsik, spokesperson for Budapest Pride.

The Budapest Pride March and the Budapest Pride Festival has been operating with a green consciousness for years - like ommitting the paper-based program booklet and going digital, collecting the trash after the Budapest Pride March selectively and banning balloon-flying flashmobs. These set of rules were improved with the help and advice of Greenpeace Hungary

"We dreamt of a new set of environmental rules which reacts both to the infrastructural needs of the Budapest Pride March regarding the decoration, water dispense and the questions of plastic use and global issues like the uncontrolled greenhouse gas emissions of multinational companies. We asked our partners like Greenpeace Hungary to help us develop the new guidelines. Our goal is to improve Budapest Pride's environmental guideline in the upcoming year by collecting feedback from both our participants and Hungarian green NGOs." -added Ádám Csikós, project coordinator of the Budapest Pride March.

Formulating Budapest Pride' new environmental guidelines was preceded by a panel discussion in 2020 March titled "How can Pride be greener?", joined by Greenpeace Hungary, Fridays For Future Hungary and Extinction Rebellion Hungary. In this panel the participants did not only discuss their practical inputs, but also the connection between the green movement and the human rights movement.

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Budapest Pride's new environmental guidelines became effective in 2020, but due to the pandemic we could only hold the Budapest Pride March in on online setting, so we will put to the test the following rules this summer for the first time, on July 24th, at the 26th Budapest Pride March: 

  • Only those companies can join the Budapest Pride March with a float, truck or other vechicle whose annual global CO2 emission does not exceed 61,5 million kilotonns. In order to reach the European Union's climate neutrality goal for 2050, companies would have already had to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions under this threshold. This restriction will mostly affecting Big Oil. 
  • We are looking for a solution to replace the use of plastic water bottles. If the pandemic is over, we will test multiple ideas, like instead of dispensing bottled water, we will fill participants' water bottle from large water trucks. Due to the pandemic we will delay the introduction this method to 2022, when this direct water filling can be conducted with no health risks.
  • Organizations who launch a float or join with a group are prohibited from bringing balloons to the March, to fly helium-filled balloons, and it is also prohibited to decorate floats with single use plastic. Instead participating groups are required to use tools that can be use multiple times: cardboard or textile banners, molinos, printed T-shirts, ect. Floats shall be decorated with long lasting materials that can be used multiple times: like textiles, bobbinet, painted or printed banners, molinos, ect.
  • Organizers ask participants to consider if they want to give out free gifts to the crows. If they decide to do so, forget giving out useless gifts, and thing about gifts that have real function, are made to last long, and are made of quality materials. 

Breaking Budapest Pride's new environmental guidelines will be published in the official Rules of Joining Budapest Pride with a Float, and breaking these rules will result in being excluded from the Budapest Pride March.


This years, 26th Budapest Pride Festival will be the 3rd one to last for a whole month: from June 25th till July 25th. As a closing event we will hold the Budapest Pride March, followed by the country's largest LGBTQ party, the Rainbow Party, held at Budapest Park. The Budapest Pride Festival will include more than 100 events, you can read more about them here on our website and on our Facebook page. We are continuously uploading our events which are organized by more than 50 NGOs, grassroot groups and individuals. 

zöld, budapest pride, környezetvédelem, greenpeace, budapest pride felvonulás