Budapest Pride March 2019 House rules

Anyone can join the march who agrees with the goals and ideology of Budapest Pride.

The organizers (wearing an organizer’s badge) and the march accompanying volunteers (wearing visibility vests and volunteer's badge) will secure the event in cooperation with the police according to the law about the right to free assembly (2018/LV, Free Assembly Act). Everybody has to follow the instructions of the accompanying volunteers and the police.

The organizers and accompanying volunteers can deny access to people at the entrance, or at any given point of the march, if the person does not support the goals of the event, or its peaceful organization. Especially if:

  • the person incites hatred, wants to bring with themselves discriminative molinos / flags, or expresses such slogens, against any social group, or has a visible tattoo or clothing expressing hatred and discrimination;
  • the person denies permission to ceck their bag, or refuses to drink from the open bottle they brought to the march;
  • the person carries a forbidden objext (see below);
  • the person brings a dog without leash (and in case of a bigger dog a muzzle), or the dog is aggressive;
  • the person acts aggressively with the participants, the accompanying volunteers, or opposes the goals of the event;
  • the person wants to participate with a covered face, or indecently exposed;
  • the person wears paramilitary or similar clothing;
  • the person is under the influence of drugs.

Decisions about the participation is exclusively made by organizers and accompanying volunteers, they do not need to justify their decisions on the spot, nor afterwards.

To the area of the event you cannot bring:

  • weapon, pocket knife with a blade longer than 8 cm, knife, gas spray, baseball bat, ship, guns, swords, dress sword, or anything else that can be used as a weapon in the opinion of the volunteers;
  • explosives, flashes or other pyrotechnical material;
  • liquids except for soft drinks, medicine or suntan lotion, especially caustic or intense smelling liquids and paints;
  • glass bottles (including bottles drinks; only cans and plastic bottles will be allowed in)
  • opened alcoholic drinks;
  • raw food, presumably not intended for eating (tomato, eggs etc);
  • molinos and banners, leaflets, posters, other materials disagreeing with the goals of Budapest Pride, which will be decided by the accompanying volunteers;
  • moreover any other object that the volunteers deem dangerous regarding the safety of the march.

Nobody can stop at the joining points, so that the joining can go smoothly for the crowd. However, the volunteer can ask participants to stop at the point, for security reasons.

Besides all this the bikes can only be used in the indicated areas, otherwise we will ask people to push them only. Moving on skateboards and roller skates is only allowed in a manner that does not threaten others.

Within the area of the event – just like in any other case regulated by the Free Assembly Act – anybody can be photographed or recorded by journalists, policemen, accompanying volunteers or participants.

The area of the event is public space, so all the regulations and rules are binding to the participants that are otherwise binding in public spaces. Thus, e.g. it is forbidden to consume alcohol (misdemeanor for drinking alcoholic beverages) or to show genitalia (indecent exposure, misdemeanor, crime in more serious cases). It is forbidden to appear with a covered face at an event regulated by the Free Assembly Act (disorderly conduct). If any of these occur the police will initiate safety measures, and the person will be banned from the event.

The organizers hereby point out the restrictions ensuring the peaceful nature of the assembly (2018/LV, Free Assembly Act, 9. §)

(1) Attending an assembly, including going to and leaving it, shall be prohibited for persons
a) carrying a firearm, ammunition, explosives, detonating equipment, a device designed to use explosives or detonating equipment, a dangerous substance within the meaning of Article 2 (2) of Council Directive 67/548/EEC, or the imitation of the foregoing,
b) carrying an instrument capable of causing death, personal injury or a serious material damage, or
c) wearing paramilitary or similar clothing conveying violence or having an intimidating character.
(2) Unless specified in the notification which was noted, the participants
a) may not wear a protective equipment, uniform or clothing that may be mistaken for the foregoing,
b) and may not cover their face.

Should be noted that violation of these restrictions may classify as a criminal offence.

Rules about vehicles:

Only registered vehicles can attend the March. Only the stuff can be present on the vehicles.