Budapest Pride March 2018 - House Rules

The most important things to know about the Pride March on 7th July. 

Gatherning: 2pm at Városligeti Fasor 

Arrival: 5pm at Kossuth Lajos Square

Approaching the gathering point is advised from the direction of Dózsa György utca, but there will be entrace points at Lövölde tér as well. Due to ensure security, march stewards might ask you to show what's inside your bag, or to take a sip from your bottled water. We have enclosed a list of items that are prohibited from the March.

Because of the counter-demonstrations we ask you to avoid crossing Heroe's Square. We will shortly publish the advised means of public transport.

We do everything we can to provide entering possibilities thoughout the whole range of the March. At Kossuth Square the celebration can only be joined after the crowd has arrived to the square.

A few counter-demonstrations are being planned during the March, so we'd like to emphasise the importance of following the march stewards' orders and march on the designated route.

Anyone can join the Pride March who agrees with the agenda and spirit of Budapest Pride and is acting non-violent at all times.

Please, don’t respond to any provocation, but if you might notice some, ignore it and turn to one of our march stewards.

Organizers with an organizer badge and the march stewards wearing high-visibility vests are securing the event in cooperation with the Police according to the provisions of Act III of 1989 on Freedom of Assembly. Everyone has to follow orders and requests from march stewards and organizers.

The organizers and march stewards may refuse entry at the entrance or during the march, if they consider that persons don’t agree with the agenda of the march or if their behavior is hindering the peaceful policing of the event, especially if they:

  • are trying to bring in any inflammatory, hate-inciting signs / flags that are discriminatory against any social group, and if they are chanting slurs and are wearing such tattoos or clothing;
  • refuse to show their bag and open it for checking, and if they refuse to take a sip from their bottled drink;
  • are trying to smuggle in any prohibited objects (see below);
  • arrive with a dog without a leash and a muzzle and/or if the dog is behaving aggressively;
  • they are expressing hostility towards other participants or the agenda of Budapest Pride or the march stewards;
  • are participating in the march with their face covered;
  • are showing their genitalia at the event;
  • is high on any drugs.

The organizers and march stewards exclusively may decide on who can enter the march, and they don’t have to justify their reason neither on site nor after.

Prohibited objects at the event:

  • weapons, including penknives bigger than 8 centimeters, knives, pepper spray, baseball bat, whip, firearm, sword, parade sword or any other object that the march stewards may consider as weapons;
  • explosives, flashing materials and other pyrotechnic articles;
  • any liquids except drinks, medication and sunscreen, in particular corrosive liquids or paint with pungent odor;
  • glass (including bottled drinks; the only drinks allowed have to be in cans or in plastic bottles);
  • open alcoholic drinks;
  • raw food for presumably non-nutritional purposes (tomatoes, eggs, etc.);
  • signs, placards, cardboard, flyers and other visible objects with messages opposing the agenda of the Budapest Pride March, which is the competency of the march stewards;
  • any other objects that the march stewards see as a potential source of danger for the event.

Nobody is allowed to stop at the entrance points, after checking the bags it is mandatory to move forward in order not to hinder letting participants join the march.

The march is a public space, thus laws and provisions applicable for public spaces have to be obeyed by the participants also during the event, such as prohibition of the exhibition of genitalia (offence for indecent exposure, crime in severe cases), or prohibition of drinking alcohol (offence in case of alcohol consumption in public spaces). It is prohibited to veil the face at events falling within the scope of the Assembly Law (offence for disturbance). In such cases the Police is initiating actions, and the person will be banned from the event.

Furthermore, it is prohibited to ride bicycles on the area of the event, you have to push the bike. It is only allowed to roller skate and skateboard without placing danger on others. The march stewards may require the persons to stop commuting by skates and skateboards and to carry their transport.

Image and sound recordings at the march area – as at any other event falling within the scope of the Assembly Law – may be taken from anyone by anyone, including journalists, police, march stewards or participants without further consent.

We kindly ask the participants to leave the march at the designated exit routes appointed by the march stewards and organizers.

We’re awaiting all of you!