Budapest Pride: Inciting hatred is repulsive

István Tarlós, mayor of Budapest, gave an interview Thursday morning on a nationwide TV program, saying that he does not understand the aim of the Budapest Pride March, and he personally finds it repulsive. He does not think that it could be worthy of the historic downtown surroundings that is Andrássy avenue. However, he does not have information that the General Assembly would discuss forcing the Budapest Pride March outside of the downtown.

According to mayor of Budapest, István Tarlós and the government all minorities are repulsive.

Roma people are repulsive, poor people are repulsive, homeless people are repulsive, refugees are repulsive, women building a career are repulsive, determined women are repulsive, drug users are repulsive, wheelchair users and people with disabilities are repulsive, members of the civil society are repulsive, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people are repulsive!

We believe incitement of hatred and discriminatory politics are repulsive!

It is unacceptable that the mayor of Budapest, due to his lack of knowledge, disparages a crowd marching for and celebrating human rights.

Join us on July 11th, Saturday at the Budapest Pride March if you’ve had enough of homophobic and transphobic comments and incitement of hatred made by discriminatory politicians. This day is about the celebration, acceptance and diversity of LGBTQ people and about the importance of standing up for each other, regardless of political sympathy.

This year, just like in previous years, we invite István Tarlós and all representatives of democratic parties who would like to get to know more about the several hundred thousand LGBTQ people living in Hungary, their issues and problems to join the Budapest Pride March.


Budapest Pride: a gyűlöletkeltés visszataszító!