Bring your program to the Budapest Pride Festival 2019


Submit your program for the Budapest Pride LGBTQ Festival! Like last year, the festival will last a whole month, from June 7 to July 7, 2019, whereas the venue will be in Budapest and other cities across Hungary.

We believe, that together we can organize a fantastic Festival that promotes unity and active participation, with even more events and an amazing program schedule. Our goal remains to enforce and boost the grassroot, community building and forming power that drives this Festival.

Not a registered organization? No problem! You can organize a program as an informal group, a group of friends or even as a private person.

Submit your program suggestions (not just from Budapest!) for the Festival on the following link (the form is bilingual):


Submission deadline: February 20, 2019, midnight. 
By the deadline you only have to submit the exact goal, title and type of your program, as well as your contact details.

Following your submission, or at the latest after the deadline has expired, we will provide you feedback whether your program will be a part of this year's Budapest Pride LGBTQ Festival. Following, we will ask you for more details (such as location, date and time, final program description incl. picture) until March 24, 2019.

Our preference during evaluation:

- innovative ideas and creative solutions;
- programs that didn't participate in previous years, as well as newly participating organizations and organizers;
- nonprofit organizations and/or organizations whose activities have strong ties to the LGBTQ community;
- programs concerning multiple minority (e.g. Romani, people with disabilities, immigrants, homeless, etc.) LGBTQ groups and their issues;
- programs submitted by non-Budapest-based organizations;
- programs that are accessible physically and language-wise.

Programs that are not compatible with the manifesto of the Rainbow Mission Foundation (, or are submitted after the deadline, will be denied.


In case you feel insecure about organizing a program, check out our publication containing practical information (in Hungarian):

Stay up-to-date! Ask other program organizers! Join the Programot szervezek a Budapest Pride-ra 2019 Facebook group (I’m an organizer for Budapest Pride 2019), where you can barter projectors and cooking kettles, ask for advice or team up with others!

In case you don't find the answers to your questions in the Facebook group, contact us via Please make sure to provide the following email subject: 'Summer Festival Program Submission 2019 - <organization name>'.