24. Budapest Pride March 2019 • Our stories have things in common


Our families, schools, workplaces, neighbourhoods, our village, city, country, our hobby, favorite film, or the sports we do, our communities - they all mean safety, stability, friendship, fun, and growth to us. They help us find our way around in the world, shape our identity and it is thanks to them, our fellow community members, that we are not alone. This is what Budapest Pride means to many, and not just to LGBTQ people.

The 104 programs of this year’s festival, organized by members of the community, NGOs, individuals and allies, can and do become reality because people who want to work towards the community, each other, and a more peaceful, accepting and equal country, join forces. They share dreams, ideas, and goals. These events are empowering, including for those who are not fortunate enough to have a supportive family, school environment, friends, or other safe spaces. This way of the community coming together is unique both in Hungary and around the globe. 

We, activists of Budapest Pride, envision a society based on cooperation, where partnership, collaboration, and dialogue prevail over competition and power struggles. Where people accept themselves and others, recognize the importance of self-knowledge and actively participate in improving their close environment and society at large. Where society does not enforce norms and roles upon its members on the basis of their gender identity, and no one is targeted by harassment and violence, and where we can all live freely and without fear. 

What seems to matter nowadays is competition - who is better or worse than their peers and to what extent. We don’t even notice each other’s values. This applies beyond the LGBTQ community as well, as identities and groups intersect with regard to lives, interests, and other things. May this year’s festival be about similarities that we share and not the differences we have. Only this way can we form a successful and happy community. 

Let’s meet on 6 July, and march for the community! Join us and let’s show together that we will not give up! Let’s let the world know that instead of resignation, we choose action. Let’s let those, who live in fear and live lonely, know that they are not alone. We are here with them, and want to amplify every voice that wants a just, diverse, and accepting world. We look forward to seeing  everyone who agrees with our goals and values, whether they are members of the LGBTQ community, or are allies - everyone’s participation and presence matters!

See the Facebook event here.