Films for non-Hungarian speakers

This year’s film festival has a broad selection of films from around the world. All films in languages other than Hungarian are provided with Hungarian subtitles, but the majority of films are available to non-Hungarian speakers as well. Check the following list to find out which films are available in the languages you speak:

English (original language):

Absence of Love (USA, 2012) [Touches]
Adults Only (USA, 2013) [Touches]
Almost Obsolete (UK, 2012) [Changes]
Beyond the Team (USA, 2013) [Life Paths]
Call Me Kuchu (USA/Uganda, 2012)
Change Over Time (USA, 2013) [Changes]
Concussion (USA, 2013)
Five Dances (USA, 2013)
G.B.F. (USA, 2013)
Geography Club (USA, 2013)
Grotto (USA, 2013) [Changes]
How to Survive a Plague (USA, 2012)
Intersexion (2012)
Kaboom (USA/France, 2010)
Margarita (Canada, 2012)
Poison (USA, 1991) [retrospective]
Queen of the Desert (Australia, 2012) [Life Paths]
Submerge (Australia, 2012)
Tits (USA, 2013) [Life Paths]
Vito (USA, 2011)
Who’s Afraid of Vagina Woolf? (USA, 2013)
Wish Me Away (USA, 2011)

English (subtitles)

Bwakaw (Philippines, 2012)
Call Me Kuchu (USA/Uganda, 2012)
Dual (Slovenia/Croatia/Denmark, 2013)
Facing Mirrors (Iran, 2011)
Floating Skyscrapers (Poland, 2013)
In the Name of (Poland, 2012)
Laurence Anyways (Canada, 2012)
Out in the Dark (Israel/USA/Palestine, 2012)
Touch (Hungary, 2013) [Touches]

German (original language):

Frauensee (Germany, 2012)
Freier Fall (Germany, 2013)
Nebenwirkung Glück (Germany, 2011) [Touches]
Out in Ost-Berlin (Germany, 2013) [Life Paths]
Schlampenau, eine Schlampolygarchutopie (Germany, 2011) [Life Paths]
Sleepy Haven (Germany, 1992) [Matthias Müller shorts]
Alpsee (Germany, 1995) [Matthias Müller shorts]

French (original language):

Au Commencement (Belgium, 2011) [Touches]
Chaleur Humaine (Belgium, 2012) [Touches]
Laurence Anyways (Canada, 2012)

Polish (original language):

The Kiss (Poland, 2013) [Touches]
Płynące wieżowce / Floating Skyscrapers (Poland, 2013)
W imię... / In the Name of (Poland, 2012)

Spanish (original language):

Chuecatown (Spain, 2007)
Mi amigo Jaime (Spain, 2013) [Changes]

Hebrew (original language):

Cigarette (Israel, 2013) [Changes]
Melting Away (Israel, 2011) [Changes]

Arabic & Hebrew (original language):

Out in the Dark (Israel/USA/Palestine, 2012)

Tagalog (original language):

Bwakaw (Philippines, 2012)

Slovene & English (original language):

Dvojina/Dual (Slovenia/Croatia/Denmark, 2013)

Farsi (original language):

Aynehaye Rooberoo / Facing Mirrors (Iran, 2011)

Films for non-Hungarian speakers
Films for non-Hungarian speakers
Films for non-Hungarian speakers
Films for non-Hungarian speakers