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Three evenings, three topics, 18 selected short, alternative, and documentary films. And drinks too, for anyone who wants them... All this at Hatsó Kapu (Dohány u. 13, Budapest)!

The program begins on Monday, Oct. 28, when Life Paths offers viewers a journey around the world – across the United States, through Germany, all the way to Australia. Through five documentaries that tell the stories of feminists, gay athletes, lesbians and gays in East Germany, and the extraordinary adventures of Starlady, we bring together stories from various corners of the world to make you laugh, think about political repression and freedom, and question old-fashioned relationship models.

We all know that things change. Since the days of Heraclitus, it’s become a hackneyed cliché. On Friday, Nov. 1, six films still manage to show you something new—whether about transsexuality, coming out, or escaping after a breakup. With films from Israel, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Hungary, Changes explores various aspects of personal conflicts with self and other. Rewriting past experiences, these are transformations that create uncertainty, cause moments of opportunity, and fan love into flames or let it die down into ashes.

With Touches, on Sunday, Nov. 3, sexuality finally takes the leading role. These films, by Belgian, Polish, American, and Hungarian directors, draw viewers in to experience familiar and unfamiliar emotions. Covering a range of feelings, from happiness to the crisis of the body after a breakup, the films explore one-night stands, the world of rented escorts, and the paradox of living with AIDS, complete with all its sunny and dark days. And what happens to a sperm that loses its way? All will be revealed on Sunday!

All three programs begin at 17:00 and end around 20:00–20:30, with a break in between. You can show up at any time, but we recommend the watching the full series for the complete experience.

All showings are free of charge, but a donation of 500 HUF is recommended.

Not all films will be in English or have English subtitles, so make sure to check the language details of each program in advance!

Az Előbújva Kelet-Berlinben (Out in Ost-Berlin) c. film az Életutak szekcióban
Az Olvadás (Melting Away) c. film az Átalakulások szekcióban
Az Emberi melegség (Chaleur Humaine) c. film az Érintések szekcióban