Come to the 5th Budapest Pride Festival Forum!

Is Budapest Pride important to you? Do you have any opinions you'd like to share? What kinds of events would you like to see? Are you interested in helping organize the festival?

Come to the first festival forum of 2013! It will be held on April 27 at Hátsó Kapu (1074 Budapest, Dohány u.13.)

This year will be the 18th annual Budapest Pride Festival. Between now and the start of the festival, we will hold a monthly festival forum, where we can brainstorm together and discuss any questions, tasks, and difficulties that might come up. The forum is open to everyone interested in sharing their thoughts about Pride, including current organizers, volunteers, and anyone interested in helping organize the festival in the future. The forum has two goals:

1. We would like to find more effective ways to involve a more diverse group of people in the organization of Budapest Pride. If you’d like to share your opinion and get involved, come along! You don’t have to be an organizer or a volunteer to participate in the forum — everyone’s opinion matters! If you already have questions or comments about Budapest Pride so far, this forum is for you.

2. We would like to restructure how the festival is organized. The forum is an opportunity for us to let you know about the changes that have occurred since last year and to introduce and discuss our ideas for this year. Everyone is a part of the process, because the Budapest Pride Festival is for everyone. Let’s work together to design this year’s Budapest Pride! Come and share your thoughts.

The first festival forum of 2013 will be held on April 27 at Hátsó Kapu (1074 Budapest, Dohány u.13.).

If you already know you’d like to volunteer, please fill out this form. Please let us what aspects of the festival you’re interested in helping with.

No hate speech or discriminatory behavior will be tolerated at the forum. Thank you for your cooperation.

Budapest Pride organizing team


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