Budapest Pride March

open air
Kossuth tér - Alkotmány utca
2014. July 05. 15:00

15:00 Arrivals
16:00 Start of march

We invite everyone to this year’s Budapest Pride March! Let’s march through the streets of Budapest with music, flags, parade floats, and balloons celebrating diversity and solidarity in a crowd of thousands.

Budapest Pride 365: Today and Every Day

We believe it’s crucial that LGBTQ people and other oppressed minorities have a chance to feel safe every day, in every corner of the country. Let’s create a society in our country in which there is no room for any type of sexist, racist, homophobic, or transphobic actions. Not at home, nor at school, or at  work, or in hospitals, nor in Parliament, nor on the streets either.

Come out to the Budapest Pride March if you would like to experience or relive what it feels like to be a part of an enthusiastic, cheerful and proud crowd. The feeling of belonging, the importance of common values, the momentum of the march gives such strength that you can store it for the remaining 365 days of the year and you can reach for it if you find yourself in a more difficult situation in your everyday life.

Come to the march with us on July 5th, and stand up for yourself and for others every day!

How to join: You can join the march only at the gathering place, at the intersection of Kossuth Lajos Square and Alkotmány Street. You will not be able to join after we leave. This is why it’s important to be there between 3pm and 3:45pm.

ATTENTION! Visit our Facebook page or our homepage for practical up to date information about the march.

Come and bring your colleagues, friends, partners and family members!
Bring your own balloons, flags, whistles, drums and banners! We expect heat, so make sure to bring sun lotion, a hat and enough water to drink for the walk.

The event will be secured by the police. For the sake of the participants’ safety, we will check everybody upon entering the gates: we will check bags and packages. Thus, entering might take some time. Therefore, we ask for your patience.

It is prohibited to bring sharp items, weapons, or anything that could physically harm others. People who protest against the march or wish to hinder it will be denied entry.

Should you have any questions or problems during the event, please turn to the Budapest Pride volunteers assisting the march. They will be wearing visibility vests. Please follow their advice and instructions! Thank you for your cooperation.

Help us organize the march! If you want to volunteer, send us an email to



Kossuth tér - Alkotmány utca
Kossuth tér - Alkotmány utca