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The UN Commission on the Rights of the Child announced in early 2020 that they were expecting steps to end discrimination and harassment in schools; that the Hungarian government should take action to protect LGBTQI children through awareness-raising campaigns and school programs. In contrast, now the government would abandon LGBTQI youth

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Hungary PM Viktor Orbán is proposing a Russian-type propaganda-law to ban LGBTQ school education and media representation

We have very good news for you! From June 14, the restrictions on gatherings will finally be lifted giving the long-awaited Budapest Pride March a green light. Let's meet on July 24 from 2 pm in Madách Square and stand up for the LGBTQ community and for ourself!


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Are you looking for programs for LGBTQ people in Hungary? Are you interested in Budapest Pride Festival and March? The next march going to be at the 3th of July and we will publish the Festival's programs in the spring.


Although in 2020 we could only hold an online pride, we have already set the new date for the next 26th budapest pride march! Join to the facebook event to get news as soon as it's possible! Click >>here<<!

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