Whatever that connects you, coming as a group you can empower others and make the world a safer place, while emphasizing the March’s message and power in unity. Fill out the form and we will provide you better visibility during the March!

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Katalin Novák gave an interview to the belgian public television regarding how they got kicked out/left the EPP, and complained how difficult it is for those who “do not fully support gay rights.”

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Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we moved the Budapest Pride March and our planned date is July 24th. The one month long Budapest Pride Festival will start on June 25th and end on July 25th. After the Budapest Pride March we will celebrate at Hungary's biggest LGBTQ party, the Rainbow Party at Budapest Park. 


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Are you looking for programs for LGBTQ people in Hungary? Are you interested in Budapest Pride Festival and March? The next march going to be at the 3th of July and we will publish the Festival's programs in the spring.


Although in 2020 we could only hold an online pride, we have already set the new date for the next 26th budapest pride march! Join to the facebook event to get news as soon as it's possible! Click >>here<<!

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