Mr Orban, transexuality is not “trans”mitted to teenagers with droplets if you just talk about it. We don’t want young heterosexuals to become gay or lesbian we would like to prevent them to become adults infected with homobitransphobia, hate and disrespect. We have nothing to hide, Mr Orban, nothing to do with hypocrisy, the double life of those who are moralists during the day and when night comes around are ready to join orgy and drug parties. All we have to do with is love, dignity and pride. Never be ashamed of what we are. 

The 26th Budapest Pride March is free again, free of cordons! The route of the March: Madách Square - Astoria - Kálvin Square - Fővám Square - Szabadság Bridge - Szent Gellért Quay - Döbrentei Square - Tabán. You can enter or leave at any of the points below.

We are waiting you with super atmosphere, dance and music not only during the march, but also at the departure (Madách Square) and arrival (Tabán) locations. Here, of course, the speeches will not be missed either, while we will close the March with all the largest Civil Villages to date.


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MARCH? 24.07.2021.!

Although we had to hold an Online Pride instead of the March in 2020, but by this year we will not have left without March in person! Submit the Facebook event to get informations among the firsts! Let's meet at the 26th Budapest Pride March on Saturday, 24 July, 2021!

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