The Hungarian LGBT Alliance in cooperation with Háttér Society, Rainbow Mission Foundation and Szimpozion Association is carrying out a joint project entitled between January 1 2018 and December 31

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Dear event organizers!


We encourage further steps in every country to ensure the equality and dignity of all human beings irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Programs for English speaking folks

You’ll be in Budapest during the Budapest Pride Festival and don’t know what to do? You live here but you don't speak Hungarian?


Team up for this year’s march! On the 22nd Budapest Pride March, again, we would like to provide greater visibility for different social groups, organizations, occupations, towns, etc.


Every year exciting and unmissable programs are submitted by other ogranizations to the Budapest Pride Festival. This year we have an open call again. Submit your program until 30th April!

Budapest Pride Felvonulás 2016. Fotó: Davda Bereznai

The 10-day long Budapest Pride Festival will launch on Firday, June 30th, 2017 with an official opening ceremony. The diverse cultural and community building programs of the festival and the peak of th whole week, the Budapest Pride March held on July 8th, 2017 (Saturday) afternoon will be all about freedom - and we won’t settle for anything less.


Since 2014, you can donate your 1% to Rainbow Mission Foundation, the organization behind Budapest Pride. To donate, simply enter our tax number: 18174803-1-41.

Marriage between same-sex couples is supported by 36% and opposed by 56% of the Hungarian population, according to the most recent representative survey conducted by Budapest Pride and Integrity Lab. Adoption rights are much more widely supported – 46% of respondents would not exclude same-sex couples of adoption opportunities. 60% of the society shares the opinion that gay, lesbian and bisexual people should have the same rights as everyone else.

We would like to invite all of you to the Transgender Day of Remembrance – TDOR on November 20th, Thursday, from 19:3

Sziget Fesztivál 2015

With the help of the Global Geometry, Bud

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Fotó: Fűrjes Viki

On June 24th,  2016, the 21th Budapest Pride Festival begins with the official opening ceremony. The slogan of this the festival this year, “We complete it!”, calls attention to the fact that the diverse communities of society can only be complete with us. Those communities that are subjected to oppression, like LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) are unquestionably part of society. Our slogan also sheds light on the fact that only with joint effort, as a community, can we act against the power of oppression


Team up for this year’s march! On the 21rd Budapest Pride March, again, we would like to provide greater visibility for different social groups, organizations, occupations, towns, etc. 


“We complete it!”: the slogan characterizes this year’s 10-day Budapest Pride Festival, which begins on Friday, June 24th 2016, with the official opening ceremony. At the Budapest Pride March on July 2nd 2016, we will prove that we represent a force to be reckoned with.

Write a song for the 2016 Budapest Pride LGBTQ festival!
Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced pro, whether you play solo or in a band, whether you do wild, roaring metal, nostalgic chansons, cheerful reggae, melodious pop, fast-beating punk, improvisative jazz, heartbreaking folk, relaxed country, outspoken rap, romantic soul or serious blues, the Budapest Pride team wants to hear you! Let’s show our diversity through music!

Budapest Pride is the oldest LGBTQ March in the region, however, we could still learn a lot from the Pride organizers in Zagreb and Bratislava.

film festival

The program guide of the 20th Budapest Pride Film Festival is already at the printers'. You can download a PDF version below.

film festival

Important information regarding the ticket purchase of the 20th Budapest Pride LGBTQ Filmfestival opening on Wednesday (January 20th).

film festival

Donate to the Budapest Pride LGBTQ Film Festival and get hold of a piece of the festival poster as a fridge magnet.