Write a song for the 2016 Budapest Pride LGBTQ festival!
Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced pro, whether you play solo or in a band, whether you do wild, roaring metal, nostalgic chansons, cheerful reggae, melodious pop, fast-beating punk, improvisative jazz, heartbreaking folk, relaxed country, outspoken rap, romantic soul or serious blues, the Budapest Pride team wants to hear you! Let’s show our diversity through music!

Budapest Pride is the oldest LGBTQ March in the region, however, we could still learn a lot from the Pride organizers in Zagreb and Bratislava.

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The program guide of the 20th Budapest Pride Film Festival is already at the printers'. You can download a PDF version below.

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Important information regarding the ticket purchase of the 20th Budapest Pride LGBTQ Filmfestival opening on Wednesday (January 20th).

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Donate to the Budapest Pride LGBTQ Film Festival and get hold of a piece of the festival poster as a fridge magnet.

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In January 20th to 24th, 2016, the Budapest Pride Film Festival comes back for the 20th time with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) films. The colorful program will include more than 30 movies from six continents, consisting of exciting documentaries, short films and workshops. The festival opens with a film to be shown for the first time in Hungary called Freeheld starring Julianne Moore and Ellen Page.

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Film submission is now open for the 20th Budapest Pride LGBTQ Film Festival, to be held January, 2016.

Rendőri biztosítás a 20. Budapest Pride Fesztivál alatt

Similarly to previous years, our organzing team had consecutive meetings with the police leading up to the 20th Budapest Pride Festival.

Budapest Pride Felvonulás 2015 Házirend

Anyone can join the march who agrees with the goals and ideology of Budapest Pride.

On July 3rd the 20th Budapest Pride Festival will begin with the official opening ceremony! This year’s motto "Empowered by 20 years” allows us take a look back at the past two decades of lesbian,

Csoporttal jövök! - Budapest Pride Felvonulás 2015

In previous years the Budapest Pride March has been organized in a way that participants formed one big unity in support of LGBTQ rights and equal rights.

Nem vagyunk másodrendű állampolgárok!

On July 11th the Budapest Pride March will go from downtown through world heritage environment.

Budapest Pride: a gyűlöletkeltés visszataszító!

István Tarlós, mayor of Budapest, gave an interview Thursday morning on a nationwide TV program, saying that he does not understand the aim of the Budapest Pride March, and he personally finds it r

Hozd el programodat, alakítsd a Budapest Pride Fesztivált!

Bring your program to this year’s Pride: let’s organize the Festival together! You can send us your ideas for your programs to the following e-mail address until March 23rd, 2015: kultura@budapestpride.hu

Budapest Pride workshop felhívás!

Educate, sensitize, create!

Budapest Pride: 20 esztendőnk hatalom!

2015. július 3-án, pénteken este hivatalos megnyitóval veszi kezdetét az idei Budapest Pride Fesztivál, melynek mottója: „Budapest Pride: 20 esztendőnk hatalom!”. A fesztivál legláthatóbb eseményén, a Budapest Pride Felvonuláson 2015. július 11-én, szombaton délután rekordszámú résztvevőre számítunk.

Adományozd adód 1%-át a Budapest Pridenak


Starting last year, you can donate your 1% to Rainbow Mission Foundation, the organization behind Budapest Pride. To donate, simply enter our tax number: 18174803-1-41.

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Here are the most important details about the tickets for the 19th Budapest Pride LGBTQ Film Festival, starting next Tuesday.

Elérhető a 19. Budapest Pride LMBTQ Filmfesztivál programja

The 19th Budapest Pride LGBTQ Film Festival opens on January 13th with Der Kreis - “The Circle”.

19. Budapest Pride LMBTQ Filmfesztivál – Érezd magad otthon!
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From January 13th to 18th, 2015, the focus will once again be on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) movies, with the 19th Budapest Pride LGBTQ Film Festival.